En Bloc, or Buildings Must Die

Arts & Culture

Date: Tuesday, 21 Aug to Sunday, 23 Sep

Time: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Venue: The Substation

Website: Visit Site

En Bloc, or Buildings Must Die is a series of programmes that frames conservation as part of a larger, complex conversation about heritage. 

It comprises an exhibition, a series of co-presentations with the Singapore Heritage Society, and a SAD: Going Going Gone? party.

Places form the foundation of our identity. The Singapore Story of progress-at-all-costs means that the places where we form our memories keep disappearing. Even once-lauded buildings like Golden Mile Complex are under threat. Too often, the impetus to save a place arrives only on the verge of its loss. Conservation is primarily spoken about in economic and technical terms. But at its heart, it is deeply personal for it speaks about our values and the places we keep for our children.