Symposium of Strength 2018


Date: Saturday, 1 Dec

Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Venue: A Good Space - 6 Eu Tong Sen Street

Website: Visit Site

Symposium of Strengths puts a spotlight on those who face adversities and yet find strength within them live a purposeful and meaningful lives while setting new definitions for success.

These individuals can be people with disabilities, survivors of abuse, teenage single mothers, warriors battling physical and mental/emotional health conditions and others.

The event will have 3 key elements:

1) Inspirational & Motivational Sharings by speakers who have ovetcome adversities as mentioned above.

2) A Walk of Strength, a "rampwalk" by groups or individuals who have triumphed over the above mentioned adversities to have their moment under the spotlight while demonstrating grit & grace at the same time.

3) Interactive Sessions hosted by VWO/NGO/Social Enterprise partners to allow members of the public to gain an experiencial insight through designed activities into the challenges some of their fellow individuals face and why it is celebration worthy that inspite of the odd stacked against them, they are still able to seize life by its reigns and rise above their situations.

The entire half day event is meant to be inclusive and immersive with high sensoral engagements.

Event is organised by:

Up Your Game 2016 - A Personal Development Community, Asia's First Barrier Free & Cost Free Personal Development Community 

together with 

Aarti Sharma, Founder of DOSE With Grace, a Soul Conversation Facilitator and Beauty With Purpose Advocate.

Event is supported by:
National Volunteer & Philantrophy Council
A Good Space (Venue Partners)
Sanrakshan Pte Ltd (Concept Co-developers)
Glow in the Dark Singapore (Speaker Curators)