5 Advantages of Tailored Shirts

Crash course on why you should get tailored shirts

By Lifestyle Guide

October 5 2018

There are many opinions out there about the kinds of choices that men should be making about their fashion, and a lot of it seems contradictory depending on who you are looking to listen to.  If you're hoping to be able to get out there and really take on all of the opinions once and for all, the answer is going to be in tailored shirts.  This world has many advantages, but we've marked our top five for you to be able to see just how these custom shirts are going to always surprise and impress you.  

If you've never looked into the diverse world of tailored clothing, consider this your crash course.  You'll see pretty quickly why it's so popular and what else you should learn about the entire situation so that you can reap all the benefits for yourself.

1) They last longer

When you take the time to look into the idea and function of custom made shirts or mens suits, you need to look at the price – which deter some – and see it as an investment. Remember that when you put your money into “off the rack” clothing, you're really buying season to season.  When you're looking at tailored styles, you can be looking at years-worth of money just in one item.

When you get things made for you specifically, you're looking at classic styles which means that you can wear it year after year and it's never going to go out of style.  It promises you a great look each year and they fit you perfectly.  Where can you go wrong?

2) They're exactly the style and fit you want each time

You never really quite get what you're looking for when you get into the idea of buying something in a store as is.  You may get close, but bespoke style is the only way that you're going to really get it all just right.  When you are looking at putting together the right outfit each time, you want to make sure that each piece is the right fit each time.  It sounds simple, but it isn't always like that when you go into your closet.

The quality and work that go into personalized options means that it is always going to be the right fit you want and will go great with any kind of option that you pair it with because – well – it looks great on you no matter what!  When you're in a rush and you need to throw a sophisticated outfit together, a tailored shirt really is going to make the difference. 

3) Get a fresh twist and look

Unless you are the exactly same look and shape as the model, the shirt that you saw in the window is going to look different on you.  It's just a fact of life and you aren't going to be able to argue with it.  So, look at a custom made design.  These are intended specifically to be able to give you the right look and feel that you're going to be able to enjoy so that you can get the attitude that you're looking for.

You want to make sure that you look as good as the model when you put that specific shirt on, so make sure that you get it tailored to fit you in the exact same way.  This is all that you're going to need to be able to actually make yourself look the best possible.

4) Less money spent overall

We all know that tailoring bumps up the price of a shirt, there's no question, but you need to look at it as investment.  With the tailoring and a good quality shirt you have a set price.  You know the shirt's going to hold up over time, have it fit you “just so” and keep you looking your best no matter what you are going into.  That gives you confidence and comfort.

With off the rack clothing, you'll have to replace it after 2 seasons maximum because it's worn out damaged, which means that you need to spend, essentially, double the price every time you go into a season.  In the long term, tailored clothing is cheaper and it is better quality than anything that you can just pick at random and buy to bring home.

5) Better clothing experience

There aren't many of us who like clothing shopping, but with a tailor who is an expert in the trade, you'll get advice on patterns, mixing and matching, lengths, fabrics, etc.  It's a one stop shop to get all of the best fitting clothing that actually make you look the best possible with their great quality and the way that they bring your natural features out.

This is a great way to make sure that the experience is as positive as possible so that it's all done with the right frame of mind and with the right final result.  All of this at minimal or maximum input from you yourself as well.  It's about options.

When you are looking to transform your fashion- and expense-based world, it can be tricky to figure out just how to make all of the changes that you are going to need.  With a tailored shirt, it's as easy and painless as finding yourself the right bespoke shirt and pairing it with the rest of your outfit.  If you have one tailored shirt already, you'll find that it is your favourite because it's just “right” for every occasion.  So, imagine if your whole closet was like that and you no longer have to figure out how all of the pieces worked together?  It's pretty tempting.

Getting tailored shirts to put into your daily wear is definitely something to consider when you are going into situations that you need to look your best with minimal effort required on your side of things.  For the best of the best, a custom made shirt is absolutely the way to go.