5 'Must Attend' Events During Your University Recess Week

It's time to play hard and work harder

By Lifestyle Guide

October 5 2018

Finally, a chance to take a breather as you welcome your well-deserved university recess week with open arms. But maybe you are one of the unlucky ones that are swarmed with the constant project meetings or midterm exams to prepare for.

Still, you shouldn’t excuse yourself from all the fun that’s occurring within the week itself. Mind you, the motto for this week is to play hard, and work harder; make the most out of your recess week right now by attending these five ‘must-attend’ events to refresh and revitalise your spirit for the assignments and work to come!

Source: Bq.sg

1. Tech Golden Week 2017 by DigitalStyle at Suntec City from 2 October to 8 October

They say shopping has a cathartic effect and for good reason; shopping has been proven to have greater stress-relief effects compared to those who just spend their time window shopping. In conjunction with Singapore Golden Week 2017, the Digital Style Roadshow held at Suntec City West Atrium will be filled with deals that will guarantee you with hundred dollars worth of savings. Items on sale are laptops desktops, monitors, accessories and etcetera. There’s no harm in stocking up on hardy earpieces or innovative laptop accessories. Who knows, they might come in handy when you are down for a studious work session once the break ends!

Price: Free Entry

Details: Tech Golden Week will be held at West Atrium Suntec City from 11am to 9pm

2. Talk Cock Comedy - In Fuzz We Trust: Almost Banned (Preview Show) at Blu Jaz Café on 5 October 2017

Source: TheComedyClub.asia

Laughter is the best form of medicine, especially if you are in dire need to release your assignment (or test) accumulated stress from before recess week. So what better way to do it then with the company of your close friends as a well-received comedy piece is being performed right in front of you? If you are up for a night of laughs before heading out to the dazzling clubs with your friends, take your time out for a guaranteed hilarious stand up comedy piece by Fakkah Fuzz.

Price: $20; available for purchase via Peatix

Details: Blu Jaz Cafe, 11 Bali Lane, from 8.30pm to 10.30pm. Visit  https://goo.gl/ccBS7c for more information.

3. NOISE x GIF Fest at Gillman Barracks from 5 October to 11 October

Source: Instagram @giffestsg

Amp up your Insta feed game by attending the alluring and quirky GIF festival that’s going to be held from 5 to 11 October. This festival will feature the eye-catching creations in the form of more than 50 GIFs that’s going to be displayed on colossal screens. Big fans of the pop art movement should not give this a miss, and arm yourself with charged phones and storage memory to get the ultimate Boomerang shots that will get you right smack on to the ‘Trending’ page. The cherry on top is that creative GIF workshops like the ‘Living Photos Workshop’ by Aik Beng Chia will be held concurrently as well, so do give it a try if you are looking to learn how to create new graphics to stand out online!

Price: Free Entry,  Workshop Tickets start from $5

Details: Gillman Barracks, Block 7, from 12pm to 10pm.  Visit www.giffest.com for more information on workshops.

4. Sing Lit Body Slam at Aliwal Arts Centre from 6 October to 7 October

Source: SingLitStation.com

Dubbed as an Epic Rap Battles meets World Wrestling Entertainment kind of event on the Sing Lit Station website, those who are literary lovers and/or with a thirst for live action should head down and spend the night cheering for your favorite pro-wrestler plus poet team that’s sure to entertain as they battle it out on the ring. You will definitely get major ‘Fight Club’ feels from attending this event! The poets involved are Stephanie Dogfoot, Joses Ho, Joshua Ip, Rajita Jay and David Wong Hsien Ming and their wrestling counterparts are Greg Glorious, Dennis "The Ladykiller" H., Nyc "The Aerial Sniper", Jeff Ederer, Irfan and Nat Cheung. Think of the amazing Instagram or Snapchat stories that you can get from this!

Price: $30 per ticket, $35 at the door on 6 October (Previews);  $90 per ticket, $100 at the door on 7 October (Fundraising Night)

Details: 28 Aliwal St, Singapore 199918 from 8pm to 10pm on 6 October, 7.30pm to 10pm on 7 October. For more information on exclusive ticket holder details, visit http://www.singlitstation.com/bodyslam

5. In Conversation With: Aisle of Dreams, Panel Discussion at ArtScience Museum on 7 October 

Source: Peatix.com

Head down to an eye-opening panel discussion that touches on the current state of shopping centres and our relationship with them has changed. This is for those who are wondering about the dying retail space that has infected the hearts of nostalgic commercial spaces such as Far East Plaza, for those who wonder what does the space of shopping centres mean to us in the present and in the near future. The panel will be moderated by Genevieve Soh, Senior Journalist at Channel NewsAsia and consists of speakers Wee Li Lin (director of Gone Shopping), Professor Chua Beng Huat (Sociologist and Author), Sonya Nair (Renu Balakrishnan in Gone Shopping) and Julian Wong (Associate Editor at Rice Media).

Details: ArtScience Museum, Expression Gallery, Level 4 from 2.30pm to 4pm on 7 October. For more information on ticketing prices, visit http://mbsxsgiff-goneshopping.peatix.com/?lang=en-sg