Best Places To Go For Sunday Brunch In Singapore

Brunches = The way to our heart

By Srika Nambiar

July 10 2019

Let's be real-Who doesn't like a lazy Sunday brunch? It's the perfect pick-me-up after a hectic week, and the ideal way to end your weekend with some comfort food. Luckily for us, Singapore is filled with hidden gems that whip up perfect brunches, so every weekend is a fun-filled affair!

Be it a scrumptious eggs benedict, a french toast or homemade cakes, Brunch should be an opportunity to bid the hectic week goodbye, especially by digging into some comfort food.From Mexican to Australian, to American- every country does its own style of brunch differently, and that's why you have us to tell you which spots are worth the bite and penny! Here are STYLEGUIDE's top brunch picks!

Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro


credit: Nassim Hill Bakery

Nassim Hill is a hidden gem in Tanglin, and is home to one of the best cafes in the country! The Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro is perfect for any time of the day. It’s a bakery, bistro and a bar all in one place! The bread baked by the Nassim Hill bakery is extremely fresh and prepared every day. Their top dish includes the Cheddar Cheese Bacon Waffles, which is a perfect mix of cheese and crispy waffles, topped with Bacon for a hint of chewiness.

Location and Timings:

Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar: 56 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Post Office #01-03, Singapore 247964

Tues, Fri - Sun: 8 am to 10.30pm 

Wed-Thurs: 8 am to 11 pm 

Mondays: Closed

Café Melba


credit: Cafe Melba

Café Melba offers food with a fusion between Australian and Asian cuisine. They’re known for their excellent service and relaxing ambiance, which makes it the perfect brunch spot! Their best-selling dish is their Beef Burger and  ‘Battered Atlantic Cod Fish & Chips’, which is cooked in a thin batter. This makes every bite a perfect mix of a crispy outer shell and soft inner fish meat. This is served with a side of chips and homemade tartar sauce. Definitely the perfect dish for Fish and Chip fans!

Location and Timings:

Cafe Melba 
90 Goodman Road 
#01-56 Goodman Arts Centre Block N 
Cafe Melba 
1 Stars Avenue 
#03-01 Mediapolis 

Open Every day: 8am-10pm

Atlas Coffeehouse


credit: Atlas Coffeehouse

Atlas Coffeehouse is the sister café of ‘Assembly Coffee’, another popular café. Atlas Coffeehouse is situated at Duke’s road, gives off an ‘earthy’ ambiance in terms of their food. The best thing about Atlas Coffeehouse is that they aren’t trying too hard to be an ‘insta-worthy’ café. Rather, they focus on producing excellent and unique items. Their popular dishes include the butterscotch banana pancake, which is freshly made and topped with a decadent, fresh and homemade butterscotch ice-cream. You are left craving for more with every bite! Their coffee beans are roasted in-house, making their coffee beverages extremely fresh, and perfect for coffee lovers!

Location and Timings:

Atlas Coffeehouse

6 Duke’s Road, Singapore 268886 

Operating Hours

Tuesday to Sunday | 8 am to 7 pm (last orders at 630pm)
Closed on Monday

The LoKal


credit: The Lokal

The LoKal is best known for serving Aussie-inspired comfort food. Their best dish has to be the Veal Schnitzel Burger, served with a side of chips and home-made sauces. It’s delicious, fresh and not too heavy on the stomach as well! The LoKal also does great coffee, at a decent price ($5 for a latte).

Location and Timings:

The Lokal
136 Neil Rd Singapore 64239918
Monday-Friday: 8 am – 6 pm.
Saturday & Sunday: All day brunch 10am-4pm

Habitat Coffee

credit: The Habitat Coffee

Habitat Coffee is one of the hidden gems nestled in Upper Thomson Road. They’re best known for their Asian-inspired brunches and desserts, which are unique from usual brunch spots. Their popular brunch dishes are the Scrambled chili eggs and pulled pork benedict, where the pork is cooked for over eight hours, making it rich in flavor. Their brightly lit indoors and comfortable seating make it the perfect brunch spot!

Location and Timings:

Habitat Coffee
223 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574355
Phone: +65 6456 2567
Opening Hours: 10 am – 10 pm (Tues – Sun), Closed on Mon

PS Café

credit: PS Cafe

This place needs no introduction! With eight branches spread across the country, PS Café offers excellent brunch and dessert (although their dishes are slightly over-priced). Their popular dishes include the ‘Impossible burger’, which is a plant-based vegan burger, aimed to duplicate the taste and texture of ‘beef’ without the burger containing any meat itself. Another popular dish is the decadent sticky date pudding, which is topped with fresh ice cream and toffee sauce, and will probably make you want to keep coming back to this café!

Location and Timings:

Please visit

Super Loco

credit: Super Loco

Super Loco offers a fun take on authentic Mexican cuisine, with chef Mario Malvaez, who whips up the most authentic Mexican dishes! Their popular non-alcoholic drinks include Horchata, which is cinnamon and rice drink, quite a unique concoction. Their best dishes include the Chicken Quesadilla’s, which are freshly prepared and topped with fresh coriander and a fresh chili sauce.

Location and Timings:

Super Loco
#01-13 The Quayside
60 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238252

Opening Hours:
Wed – Thu: 5:00 pm – 12:00 am
Fri – Sat: 5:00 pm – 1:00 am
Sun: 5:00 pm – 12:00 am



credit: Symmetry Cafe

Since its establishment in 2012, Symmetry has grown ten-fold. It is now synonymous with fresh Australian and French food. The brick walls and homely interiors make it the perfect spot for a lazy brunch with close friends or family. Their best dishes include the eggs benedict, which is perfectly cooked and matched the texture of the crispy bacon. Definitely a must-visit for egg lovers!

Location & Timings:

9 Jalan Kubor
Singapore 199206

Mon - 1030am to 9pm

Tue - Thurs - 1030am to 11pm

Fri - 1030am to 12am

Sat - 9am to 12am

Sun - 9 am to 7 pm

Clinton Street Baking Singapore

credit: Clinton Street Baking

Clinton Street Baking brings New York’s elaborate brunch to you! Hailing from the concrete jungle, Clinton Street Baking finally opened a branch in Singapore, and it’s worth all the hype! They are best known for their blueberry pancakes and waffles, which is dunked in warm maple syrup, making it the best dish to kickstart your weekend mornings! Aside from this, it is also worth trying their classic Chicken & Waffles, which have our friend buttermilk chicken tenders topped with crispy waffles. It’s quite rare to taste such dishes in Singapore, so this café is worth the money if you’re looking for a unique dining experience!

Location & Timings:

Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant: 

31 Purvis St, Singapore 188608

Opening Hours:

(Mon – Thurs) 8.30 am – 6 pm,

(Fri – Sat) 8 am – 9 pm,

(Sun) 8 am – 6 pm

Refuel Café

credit: Refuel Cafe

Refuel Café is evidence of the fact that brunches need not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket! Set in the East, most of their dishes are priced below $13, making it an ideal brunch spot if you don’t want to fork out too much of money. Their pork waffles and baked salmon is a perfect dish for fish lovers, as it is a perfect mix of creamy and spicy, and goes well with a side of mashed potatoes.

Location & Timings: 

744 Bedok Reservoir Road
#01-3029 S(470744)

Weekday 11 am to 9.30pm (closed on Tuesday)
Weekend 10 am to 9.30pm