Citrus Bistro: A Halal-Certified Alfresco Dining Experience By The Pool

Sink your teeth into a mouth-watering variety of local delights and Asian-fusion dishes

By Lifestyle Guide

February 27 2019

Citrus Bistro, opened in December 2016, is the sister outlet of Citrus By the Pool. This halal certified bistro is conveniently situated inside SengKang Swimming Complex which is a 5-minute drive from SengKang MRT Station or a short walk from Farmway LRT station. 

This cosy, industrial themed bistro provides a unique view of the pools and slides while you dine. Check out the totally Insta-worthy hemp rope lighting! Having recently launched their new menu, the STYLEGUIDE team popped by to try out the new food items and read on to find out what we thought of them!

From Left to Right: Cookie Crush, Snickerhead, Caramel Popcorn and Double Chocolate

The Cookie Crush($9.90) - an Oreo lover’s dream, with Cookies & Cream ice cream blended with low-fat milk and Oreo cookies, you’ll get the occasional taste of cookie bits. Paired with the frothy whipped cream, it was not overly sweet.

Fans of the caramel & peanut chocolate bar rejoice! As the Snickerhead ($10.90) combines your favourite chocolate bar with chocolate milk and chocolate ice cream. It also comes with a Snickerhead bar and chopped nuts, giving you the indulgence you’ve always loved and more.

Caramel Popcorn ($9.90) gives you the taste of carnivals; the popcorns’ taste definitely comes through, highlighted by the caramel syrup and complemented by the vanilla ice cream blended within. Accompanied by a generous portion of crunchy popcorn piled at the top, we don’t see a reason not to love it!

A reminiscent of your childhood’s chocolate taste, the Double Chocolate ($8.90) tastes like the chocolate ice cream you’d get from the ice cream cart uncles, a simple beverage that works and tastes good.

Next up we had the signature Tom Yum Seafood Pasta ($13.90), the thick broth might be a tad spicy for some, but the Tom Yum flavour was rich and creamy, a delectable mix of spicy and sour. Accompanied with mussels, squid and a fresh prawn, it’s a portion just right for one.

One of the bistro’s signature local delights, the Curry Chicken ($10.90) comes with bread or steamed white rice based on your choice. The homemade curry sauce was thick and flavourful, albeit also a tad bit spicy. The chicken was tender and easily pulled apart, accompanied with thick simmered potato chunks. Do opt for the white rice if you would prefer a fuller meal for one. 

Moving on to the burgers, first up we had their Dainty Trio Sliders platter.

Choose between baked chicken patty ($10.90), or their Beef plus Mutton (BM) patty ($12.90) and a choice of having either BBQ Sauce or Teriyaki Sauce.

The sliders, with their soft toasted sesame buns, juicy tomatoes and lettuce, were a great combination no matter your choice of juicy chicken or BM patties. Their size also made them easy to devour without making a mess.

As for their BM patty, the team felt that the taste of the mutton overpowered the beef a little bit, but the tender patty went well with both combinations of either BBQ sauce or Teriyaki.

Following up we had the huge Da Burger Bomb ($11.90), with a Teriyaki chicken patty, sunny side-up egg, juicy tomatoes and crisp lettuce. The soft toasted sesame bun complemented the succulent flavour packed Teriyaki chicken. For the sides, the well seasoned potato wedges were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Indeed worthy of its name, it was 'da bomb'.

For our final main, we had Citrus Bistro’s BIG Boss ($17.90), a double patty burger. [Little Boss ($14.90), the single patty burger, is also available]

We were impressed by the height of the burger and its generous serving of satay sauce oozing out from the sides. We loved the creativity as it was our first try at a satay sauce burger and it was a pleasant surprise although we wished the satay sauce could be a little stronger as the taste of the mutton was a little overbearing. Nonetheless the crunchy peanuts in the fragrant satay sauce matched well with the juicy Beef plus Mutton patty. Together with the lettuce, tomatoes and purple slaw, this burger truly packed a punch for our taste buds. Also accompanied with the well-seasoned potato wedges, this is a meal that will surely leave you rubbing your full satisfied belly.

Lastly, what’s a meal without dessert? Incomplete of course! The STYLEGUIDE team was treated to two delectable desserts from Citrus Bistro.

Firstly, the Coco Loco sundae ($9.90), a huge scoop of creamy coconut ice cream in a jar filled with desiccated coconut drizzled with sweet gula melaka syrup, the chewy nata de coco and crunchy matcha cookie crumbs provided an interesting play of textures in our mouths. The gula melaka syrup was not overly sweet and the whole dessert was well balanced and packed with flavour!

For the finale, we had the Molten Chocolate Lava Cake($10.90), the lava cake was served warm and accompanied with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream atop biscuit crumbs. Once we dug our spoon into the cake, the luxurious molten chocolate started flowing out, much to our glee. The warm molten chocolate and cake’s sweetness was just right and accompanied with the cold ice cream, it was the best of both worlds. 

If you’re looking for a cosy cafe dining with a great ambience and delicious food that stays etched in your mind, head down to Citrus Bistro, you willl not be disappointed.

Citrus Bistro

57 Anchorvale Road, Sengkang Swimming Complex, 544964

Nearest MRT Station: SengKang / Nearest LRT Station: Farmway

Contact: 69044850

Do note that when you step into SengKang Swimming Complex, you’ll be greeted by this signboard at the entrance and the bistro’s menu by its side. Do give the friendly staff members a call at +65 6904 4850 and they’ll escort you down into the bistro to your seat. (This way, you don’t have to pay the entrance fee!)

Enjoy 50% off Mighty Milkshake with purchase of any burger, exclusive at Citrus Bistro, in celebration of the International Day of Happiness! For the full list of 50 promotions and events, click here

Citrus Bistro 
Address:  57 Anchorvale Road, Sengkang Swimming Complex, 544964 
Tel:  69044850