Classic Keanu Reeves Films to Catch Up on for Matrix 4

I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life ~ Neo

By Lifestyle Guide

September 26 2021

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of noise about the impending release of the fourth film in the Matrix series, Matrix Resurrections, and rightly so. Ever since the release of The Matrix back in 1999, the Sci-Fi epic has gained something of a cult following.

For Reeves, however, having a cult following isn’t something new. After all, even a painting of him in a Singapore restaurant brought him adulation! But, joking aside, there have been many memorable movies starring Reeves. So before we reintroduce ourselves to Mr Anderson (or Neo to his friends), come and revisit some of his other performances on the big screen.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

This comedic romp of a film set to the backdrop of education, time travel, and rock ‘n’ roll is the pick of the trio of movies featuring Bill S. Preston Esq, played by Alex Winter and Ted Theodore Logan, played by Reeves.
The film is a wild romp that clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously; the way Winter and Reeves play their parts as the main protagonists is perfect. It’s not an Oscar winner, no way, but what it represents is just good fun, and it makes you smile. It did well at the box office, taking $40m in gross earnings and was a real springboard. And a movie feature by Gala Spins explains that Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure secured Keanu Reeves a place as one of the most sought-after Hollywood actors.

The Matrix

By day, Neo (Reeves) is a computer programmer, and by night, a hacker who finds himself targeted by the police. However, when he’s contacted by Morpheus, the head of the rebellion, he has to decide his fate and that of humanity. It’s a film that truly made stars out of all of its cast. As the New York Times suggests, one scene in particular set the standard for special effects in movies for years and even decades to come.

John Wick

Reeves plays the protagonist known as John Wick, the retired assassin who wanted nothing more than to spend his days alone with his puppy, a final gift from his late wife. However, when his equilibrium is disrupted following a break-in at his home which sees his four-legged friend killed, Wick bursts back into action, looking for revenge around every corner.


Reeves’ performance alongside a very youthful looking Sandra Bullock in the hi-octane action thriller is the almost archetypal 90’s action movie. A story of revenge and good against evil, sounds familiar right? Well, this time, it takes place on a bus, or large parts of it anyway. After Jack Traven (Reeves) thwarts a bomb plot in an elevator full of people, the terrorist responsible, Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper), somehow manages to get away, and so does the potential of him gaining a $3 million ransom. Driven by his urge for revenge, Payne sets about causing havoc by placing a bomb on a bus full of innocent people, which will detonate if the bus drops below 50mph.