Keeping It Fresh With Zoff's 2019 Sunglasses Collection

Always Fresh, even when the weather says otherwise.

By Alvina Koh

May 28 2019

It's really, really hot in Singapore these days.

With the temperature averaging at 32 degrees these days, you can hardly spot anyone basking under the sun – in general, most of us prefer staying in sheltered or air-conditioned areas where we're devoid of the heat.

During lunchtime, it has also become rather commonplace to squint or shelter your eyes with your hands while leaving your offices, because the glare from the sun can be too much. Colleagues whine about the weather all the time, and it has become the sole factor that binds us all together.

While it appears that everyone hates the sun in Singapore because of how inconvenient it can be, it might be that there haven't been any conceivable trends that help reconcile fashion and utility.

Well, fret no more because Zoff's 2019 Sunglasses Collection is here to save the day! If you're hoping to look stylish despite the blazing sun, be sure to check out their newest collection – designed with an anti-reflection coat and UV protection of up to 99.9%, Zoff's sunglasses are bound to keep your eyes safe and sound!

credits: Zoff

Originating from Tokyo, Zoff strongly believes that glasses can be worn as accessories to express individual styles, moods and outfits.

With this belief, Zoff dedicates themselves to innovation and quality, as they release at least two new designs every month. Likewise, Zoff makes it a point to deliver high-quality glasses in just 30 minutes, which makes it extra enticing to busy patrons looking to change up their style, pronto.

With over a hundred designs inspired by the '60s and '80s, here are 4 designs that STYLEGUIDE has picked from each series that we think you will love! 



Meet skinny metal – slim and light, its seemingly weightless metal frames are perfect for those who hate being weighed down by anything at all. With a variety of frames to choose from, you can totally rock that chic, vintage look with any of these shades! 



You're the 2-in-1 kinda person – you prioritize functionality and hate carrying around loads of items in your bag. You also love looking fashionable, but it can be hard because functional items tend to look simple.

Well, Zoff heard you and created these clip-on lenses that are easily detachable with a magnet. By simply popping the shades on your indoor glasses when the sun hits, you can quickly transit from business-ready to the new trendsetter in the block!