Launched In A Shade Of Pink: New Pink Princess Themed Beauty In The Pot at OneKM Mall

Be prepared to be wowed by the lush ambience and delicate shades of rose-pink covering the sleek interior

By Lifestyle Guide

April 27 2018

Known for its nourishing soup bases that comes with an abundance of health benefits and flavorful taste, steamboat lovers are definitely not unfamiliar with Paradise Group’s Beauty In The Pot. 

Riding on the love and popularity garnered amongst Singaporeans since its inception in 2014, Beauty In The Pot recently launched its third and largest outlet with a dust of pink! STYLEGUIDE is here to find out what it feels like to be dining in this pink princess themed outlet, and what fellow foodies can expect in this newest addition to the restaurant chain.

If you have gotten used to the traditional oriental design of a typical Chinese restaurant, be prepared to be wowed by the lush ambience and delicate shades of rose-pink covering the sleek interior of this restaurant! 

This is a definite hit for the ladies. *Hint: Guys, if your lady is a 100% foodie, you know where to bring her next!


Cozy ambience and sitting arrangement, perfect for a gathering over food with friends and loved ones.

Looking for a place to gather with families for Chinese New Year?  You’ll be thrilled to know that this new outlet comes with a private VIP room that seats up to 10 people.


You may even request to combine the next private room to give you a sitting of up to 20 people. 

Introduction to the Set Meal


Soup Base

This new outlet serves up to 6 soup bases, which includes two of their signature soup base, Beauty Collagen Broth and Spicy Nourishing Soup. We tried both the signature soup base and two others: Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth and Cooling Coconut Broth.


Top: Left to right (Cooling Coconut Broth & Spicy Nourishing Soup) Bottom: Left to right (Herbal Drunken Chicken & Beauty Collagen Broth)

The signature Beauty Collagen Broth is thick and flavorful in taste, yet not too overwhelming for those with a light palate, compelling you to take one sip after another. And while the Spicy Nourishing Soup isn’t the typical Mala soup base that numbs your tongue, it is in fact perfect for those who can’t take spiciness as it is infused with different Chinese herbs and spices that leaves an intense lingering flavor.

For those looking for something more unique than the usual soup base, the Herbal Drunken Chicken and Cooling Coconut Broth is an excellent choice! Not only is it highly nutritious for your health, it is also soothing for those who prefer something light to go with the numerous dishes that comes with the steamboat fare. Our personal favorite will definitely be the Coconut Broth, made using fresh young Thai Coconut in its soup and precious ingredient like snow fungus.



Let's not forget about the myriad of condiments! Top up an additional $3.80 to enjoy a spread of different condiment ingredients that are freshly prepared daily by the kitchen to spice up your taste buds! You may also follow their recommended condiment recipe if you feel lost in all the selections.

Food Highlights

Signature Homemade Fish Tofu


Regulars of Beauty In The Pot will know that this is a must to order. This exquisite blend of soya bean, egg white and yellowtail fish literally awaken your senses the moment you take your first bite with a really unique texture that is hard to describe. Savor and taste the flesh of the yellowtail fish with each bite you take! It's highly recommended that you cook this no more than 10 minutes to keep the shape of the fish intact.

Ebiko Prawn Paste


Don’t be fooled by this plain looking paste! This is a mean dish that is bound to surprise you in both taste and texture with the Ebiko lending an extra juicy crunch to the cooked paste.

Otah Paste


A once seasonal item has now become a main signature dish that helps add an extra punch to our already heightened sensory delight. 

US Wagyu Ribeye


An absolute must-have for beef lovers! This goes extremely well no matter which soup base you choose to cook in. We recommend that you pair this up with their Thai Chili Sauce.

Pork and Chives Dumpling


How can we miss out on dumplings for steamboat? This pork and chives dumpling has a really good blend in terms of its fillings without the chives overpowering it in taste.

Fried Beancurd Skin


This dish is so perfectly fried that it doesn't leave the normal oily aftertaste that fried food usually do. It is so crispy and fluffy on its own. You may choose to soak it in your preferred broth (we personally recommend the Spicy Nourishing Soup) for an extra punch in both taste and texture. Tip: Soak no more than 3 seconds

To celebrate its opening week, female guests can expect to be surprised by male models with pink roses on selected dates. Guests can also receive a pair of exclusive Beauty in The Pot chopsticks as well as a $20 catering voucher. (Promotion is limited to the first 3000 tables.)


For those who wish to enjoy a similar feast in their own home, you can now enjoy steamboat at the comfort of your home with Beauty in The Pot Catering Set! The set is available from $218+ for 5 pax, which includes a full set crockery ware, steamboat pot, induction cooker, disposable table cover, soup refills and more. Do note that orders must be made 5 working days in advance.

If you are looking for both a chic and class dining ambience without sacrificing your palate, this pink concept from Beauty In The Pot is sure to not disappoint you!

Beauty in The Pot - OneKM (Pink Theme)
11 Tanjong Katong Rd One KM, #03-38 Singapore 437157
Operating Hours: Daily 11.30am to 3.00am (last order 2.15am)
Tel: +65 6284 8820