Moncler Genius Features Collab With Urban Streetwear Brand, Palm Angels

It's ingenious.

By Alvina Koh

June 10 2019

Dubbed as the "answer to the times", Moncler Genius is the brainchild of Moncler, under the direction of Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini.

With a penchant to celebrate the diversity of the contemporary consumer in the digital era, Moncler Genius epitomises this spirit through its collaborations with eight prolific designers, who will each take their shot at reinterpreting the Moncler identity in their individual style and vision.

One outstanding collection that graced the grounds of its 521 square metres store in Marina Bay Sands is Palm Angels' collaboration with Moncler Genius. 


Unbeknownst to many, the designer of Palm Angels, Francesco Ragazzi, is a provocateur at heart.

When called to unravel his punkish interpretation of Moncler, which seems to bring to mind a sense of vandalism and riotous spirit, Ragazzi explains that it stemmed from his desire to mimic a vandalised art gallery.

"For me Moncler is about the simplicity of a product that comes to life in many forms. I wanted to break that form.”

Working with bold shapes and laminated surfaces, Ragazzi's collection with Moncler Genius is an unusual and powerful way of reconciling LA streetwear vibes and Moncler's haute couture identity.

Through its incorporation of loud logos and provocative slogans, Ragazzi's 'Art breaking' collection is a refreshing concept - particularly one that streetwear advocates can associate with.

It is precisely this synergy that makes Moncler the pioneer of inclusive luxury in today's time.

The 8 Moncler Palm Angels Collection launches June 6th. Available online at and Moncler boutiques.