Puppy on Board: 10 Pet Taxis in Singapore with Good Service

Uber, but for pets.

By Lifestyle Guide

July 10 2019

Having a pet is a very rewarding and amazing experience, but sometimes, it might be hard to get around with them if you do not have the right means of transport. If you don’t have your own car, it’s going to be a hassle to get your pet around if it’s an emergency. 

But fret not, as there is still an option for pet taxis. They are basically your conventional taxi service but specifically for your pets. It might be a bit more expensive but it really does give you the peace of mind if anything does happen. 

If you’re wondering where you can find some of these pet taxis, STYLEGUIDE has listed some of our favourite pet taxis in Singapore that you can call if you need to ferry your furkid around! 

Pet Taxi 1 : Uncle Loo’s Taxi Service

Uncle Loo is quite well-known amongst a lot of pet owners in Singapore. He has driven a lot of pets around Singapore. He ensures that they are all safely secured and that after every trip, he ensures that he cleans out the seats. To book with Uncle Loo, you should be able to let him know what time you require his services, the location, and if you need it one-way or two-ways. 

Uncle Loo is not working on emergency cases as of now. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happydogpettaxi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pettaxisg_uncleloo

Email: uncleloo@pet-taxi-sg.com 

Phone: 8653 7778

Pet Taxi 2 : SG Pet Taxi

Established in 2007, SG Pet Taxi has been in the business of pet taxis in Singapore a lot longer than most. Their main goal is to provide a fun, safe and comfortable journey for you and your furkids! Due to their unwavering support for guide dogs as well, they will provide free transportation for all guide dogs and their handlers in Singapore.


Look at these happy doggies! Just drop them a call, message or a WhatsApp to get your booking for your furkids. 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sgpettaxi

Instagram: http://instagram.com/sgpettaxi

Email: sgpettaxi@hotmail.com

Phone: 9766 6765 

Pet Taxi 3 : FourKids Family Pet Taxi Singapore

Another super famous pet taxi service is called Fourkids Family Pet Taxi. She is very respected as she always maintains a very professional front and she really enjoys what she does. 

Her rates are around $31 for one-way and if you want to travel during public holidays and from 5pm to 9pm it would be around $50. She also provides a package deal for more regular customers. Here are some of their reviews: 

There is also an emergency booking at $50 if you need the car immediately. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fourkidsfamily/

Phone: 9791 8209 

Pet Taxi 4 : Pet Buddies K9

Guess what? They’re not just a pet taxi service, they also offer you dog walking and even pet-sitting. As for the concierge service which is the pet taxi service, you would need to make an appointment first beforehand. They also transport pets to the vet, or get them to their boarding home if you are travelling and to grooming if they require it. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/petbuddiesk9/

Website: https://petbuddiessg.blogspot.com

Pet Taxi 5 : LuckyPetStyle

Need more space for your pet’s travel? Well, look no further as the founder of LuckyPetStyle because they actually use 7-seater MPVs to allow for more space for travelling. They are also a bit more competitive when it comes to pricing. But please note that they have a $10 surcharge if your booking does come as an emergency. Their Facebook rating is at a 5/5 and they have such raving comments about their service. When it comes to reliable pet taxis, it’s safe to say that they are one of the best ones in Singapore. 

With these reviews, how can you say no to hiring these guys to help you ferry your furkids around? 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/LuckyPetStyles

Email: luckypetstyle@gmail.com

Phone: 9660 1193

Pet Taxi 6 : Bark N Purr

This pet taxi service with the most adorable name is a very responsive and responsible pet taxi service that will take care of your pets and you if you need to travel. Their prices are also competitive at around $35 for 1 way and $60 for both ways. If you’re thinking about how many furkids can stay in there, it is basically as many as their car can fit. If your animal is too sick or old, you would need to put your pet in a crate and then load it into the car. 

You need not book in advance but please call them to make sure that a slot will be available for you at that given time. They also boast a 5/5 star rating with their reviews as well so you can be assured when you send your furkid around. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barknpurrsg/

Phone: 8123 6960 

Pet Taxi 7 : Farty Pet Transport

Another awesome pet taxi service in Singapore is Farty Pet Transport. Their max capacity is 6 passengers and 6 dogs. They also asked for you to call 48 hours before the trip to ensure that they have the time to set up the car for you and book your slot.

They have really good reviews as you can see that they go the extra mile to ensure that your furkid gets transported properly.  If your dog is old or sick, they have a hammock for larger dogs and a wooden plank to help slide them up into the van if needed. 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/fartypettransport/

Phone: 9091 8909

Pet Taxi 8 : Wenz Pet Transport

If you have a senior or unwell dog, Wenz Pet Transport is known to be the best ones around to handle them. They are known to be extremely patient and helpful with older dogs. 

They are also known to be very patient and willing to deal with stickier situations and they also go the extra mile to make sure your pets are taken of. Same day booking is allowed if there is an available slot. But please note that there will be a surcharge for trips around 9pm-8am. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wenzpettransport/

Phone: 9004 1142

Pet Taxi 9 : GrabPet 

Did you know that there are also apps available for you to move around with your furkid? Recently, Grab released GrabPet that does the same thing as a pet taxi. They are an on-demand service to get your furkids around. Fares start at $14. 

To learn more, click here to explore this new option by Grab.

Pet Taxi 10 : RydePet

Something similar to GrabPet, RydePet also offers you an app to match you with drivers who are okay with having pets in their cars. Please note that their max capacity is 1 passenger and 1 pet. 

Furkids are the best but sometimes, especially if you do not have a car, it will be hard to transport your furkids around. We hope that you find a great pet taxi for your favourite furkid!