Split Theatre: Are You Ready To Put Your Hands Up?

Step forward and raise your hands so that others can build the courage to be free, to celebrate themselves, and to celebrate life

By Lifestyle Guide

March 2 2021

Split Theatre loves to celebrate life. And when it comes to that, putting your Hands Up! seems to be the go-to action when you have nothing else concrete in mind. We love that feeling of liberation when we can cast the worries of the day aside to simply be still, be present, and be creative. To be creative is not a skill. It is what human beings are meant to do.

We create experiences, and we hold down moments that contain unknown questions and answers, and in that courageous process, we begin to make sense of ourselves, of the people around us, and of life. We consequently begin to rejoice even harder because we choose to love ourselves, love the people around us, and love life.

Let's hear how each actor from Hands Up! chooses to celebrate life:


"The creation process was an emotional one as it gave me an opportunity to put my Hands Up! and to give my story to others. To allow others to see what's happening inside. I am definitely inspired and I continue to be inspired by the creation process as I have so many questions that I wish I knew the answers to. The moment we started creating was the exact moment I didn't want to give up. It was everything I needed to know. I am so amazed at how my mind works, how much it has been through, and just allowing my body to speak is inspiring for me." – Amanda Kim

"Hands Up! is a gift from everyone: from our hearts. I remember Darryl and Fadhil (the directors of Hands Up) asking us why people would care about what we have to say. That question stuck with me. Our stories are gifts to be shared. It is for the recipient – not for us. I like to see our stories as little gifts: carefully curated and made with the recipient in mind. A thing about gifts is that the moment they leave us and are handed over to the recipient, it is all up to them already. And I can only hope that my gift will make that person go, 'I want to say something too.'" – Ella Wee

"I think the tagline 'you matter' encapsulates what the creation process has been like. Before we delved into the devising process as a group, Darryl had one-to-one sessions with the actors and got us to share personal stories that mattered to us. Having conversations with Darryl allowed us to connect our stories to a greater level to, let's say, what's the bigger message here or what do you want to say? I think that's what's inspiring about the creation process - because ultimately, in the process of hands up, we start to recognise that these are all our stories." – Clement Yeo

From left to right: Amanda, Ella, Clement

"Hands Up! was a really eye-opening experience where I got to see everyone open up and share their stories with each other. I was very humbled at how willing everyone was to share their experiences with us. I have been inspired to put my hands up and offer a listening ear to whoever needs it." – Mabel Yeo

"The process was interesting, to say the least. Working through my parts of the piece has not been easy, but a large part of me eventually figured that all I needed to do was to throw my Hands Up! and give up. Giving up on trying to find the correct answers, giving up on trying to process everything logically, giving up on making everything make sense. And that's when the fun begins." – Cheng Xin Rui

"Everyone deserves to be heard. By sharing my story, I hope that people might find it relatable and understand that they are not alone. In turn, hopefully, this encourages people to be more open about their experiences, allowing them to put their Hands Up! when they are ready. We need to learn to trust that there will always be people who care enough to listen to what we have to say. What we have to say is important and valuable." – Hoe Wei Qi

From left to right: Mabel, Xin Rui, Wei Qi


Hands Up! is a collaborative piece of theatre that holds down time and space for the actors to gift a small and intimate part of themselves.It's about stepping forward and raising our hands, so that people present can build a similar courage to say something. To be free. To rejoice. To celebrate themselves. And to celebrate life. Are you ready to put your Hands Up!?

It's not going to be a conventional piece of theatre. It's not a mere presentation of fiction. It's not entertainment. Nor is it drama as you know it. As you walk into the space, put aside all expectations and find your own meaning and your own story.

Each actor will attempt to tell you something really dear to their heart, and we hope that as you pay close attention to each story, you'll be encouraged to share yours as well, and you'll let the beacon of light within you shine through.

Showtimes: 5th-7th March - 2pm, 5pm, 8pm

Tickets at: splittheatre.com

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