9 Unique Travel Adventures and Experiences for Your Bucket List

Authentic travel adventures to have in your lifetime to experience the wonders of the world

By Lifestyle Guide

March 10 2021

Have you ever wondered what an authentic travel experience feels like? Have you dreamt of trekking through vast deserts on a camel, or imagined yourself as an eagle hunter and trainer on the plains of Central Asia? Well, dream no further.

Countries around the world offer so much more than just touristy sightseeing destinations and token craft markets. Now, unique experiences around the world have become more accessible than ever before, and you no longer have to rack your brains to build a comprehensive itinerary.

Here's our list of our 9 favourite adventures to take across the globe. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, the world is ready for you!

Hunt with eagles in Western Mongolia

 credit: CW Pix/shutterstock.com

Learn the age-old art of hunting wild animals with a trained golden eagle in Olgii, Western Mongolia. Experience the authentic way of life as you enter the family home of nomadic hunters, and put your equestrian skills to the test on this thrilling adventure.

Set off in search of foxes and wild cats on excursions to the high-altitude Mongolian wilderness, and enjoy a hot meal in the mountains. You will also learn about how eagles are trained and care for, and try traditional Kazakh food with the locals.

Trek and Bushwalk with Maasai Warriors in Kenya

credit: costas anton dumitrescu/shutterstock.com (editorial)

Experience Kenya like never before as you trek through the landscape with a trained Maasai warrior and certified African travel guide. Dance, sing, and get a glimpse of local Kenyan culture in a traditional Maasai village.

Explore local homes and markets, and learn about the local natural environment on a guided walk in the bush. Attend a Maasai beading workshop using traditional materials, and learn the secrets behind a craft dating back many centuries. Also, try authentic home-cooked local food and try staying overnight in a traditional Maasai hut.

Journey Through the Golden Deserts of Oman

credit: Rudolf Tepfenhart/shutterstock.com

Embark on an unforgettable adventure through Oman’s pristine canyons and deserts. Enjoy a traditional Omani barbecue as you stargaze in the middle of the desert, and catch extraordinary views of the Al Hajar Mountains and Snake George.

Visit the Nizwa Fort and experience a relic of ancient Omani craft and history. Try delicious Omani cuisine, and experience camel riding through the Wahiba sand dunes.

Experience the World’s Most Silent Forest in Seattle

credit: CreativeEdge7/shutterstock.com

Discover one of the least noise-polluted places in the world as you immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the Olympic National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Explore waterfalls, mountains, big trees, beaches, and the legendary Hoh Rainforest. Revitalise your senses through nature’s sights and sounds as you make a relaxed trek through the park.

Live with Minang Matrilineal Family in Indonesia

credit: Rizki RIZKI/shutterstock.com

Seize the rare opportunity for a live-in experience with the indigenous Minangkabau community in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Explore the Maninjau and Harau Valley villages, and learn to cook an authentic Minang curry dinner with the host family.

Try ploughing paddy fields with a buffalo, and attend a Randai (folk theatre) performance that incorporates music, singing, dance, drama, and traditional martial arts. Take a trek through the scenic Harau Valley Jungle, and gain an authentic experience of the indigenous culture of the region.

Explore The World of Authentic Chinese Food in Beijing

credit: A. Aleksandravicius/shutterstock.com

How much do you know about authentic Chinese food? From sesame cakes to steaming hot buns, Beijing is the culinary capital of China packed full of flavour.

Learn about the different cooking methods and cuisines in China, as you walk down the streets and sample a wide variety of sweet and savoury local specialities. On the menu are dishes like sesame cakes, Sichuan spicy hotpot (Malatang), rice wine, donkey burger, Tortoise jelly, and more.

Adventure Through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

credit: Peter Wollings/shutterstock.com

Discover colourful Berber villages and the natural wonders of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Take a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, a group of traditional pre-Saharan earthen buildings, and trek along canyons in the Sahara desert.

Learn to ride a camel, and go dune bashing in Erg Chebbi. Visit Rissani, which marks the beginning of the ancient caravan trade route crossing the Sahara Desert to Timbuktu, Mali. Indulge in traditional Moroccan dinner, served under the stars next to the desert campfire.

Visit the Natural Wonders of Peru

credit: Galyna Andrushko/shutterstock.com

Drive across the natural wonders of Peru, and learn about the history of the incredible Inca Empire, the largest in pre-Columbian America. Visit the Awanacancha Alpaca farm, and get a glimpse of local Peruvian alpacas, llamas, and viñuna.

Admire the Andes Mountains at the Sacred Valley, and take a guided tour through the beautiful sites of Machu Picchu. Try the traditional local fare, and hike the gorgeous Rainbow Mountain while admiring the landscape of the sacred space.

Glamp Under the Northern Lights in Sweden

credit: David Becker

Experience the magical, wintery landscape of the Arctic in Umea, Sweden. Wait for the spectacular Northern Lights that paint the sky a myriad of bright colours.

Sample local cuisine around a campfire, hop on a sled pulled by a team of huskies, and take photos of wild reindeer and moose in the snowy surroundings. Explore the forests and frozen lakes in the area, and try winter activities like skiing, snow trekking, and even ice fishing.