For Moments Like No Other: Ana de Armas Stars in The Natural Diamond Council's First Ever Celebrity Campaign, to highlight the versatile beauty of natural diamonds


Wed, 16 Sep 2020 - 05.00pm

SINGAPORE, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) announces the imminent launch of its first ever celebrity campaign, starring the actress Ana de Armas, to spotlight the ambiglow of the natural diamonds.

Ms. de Armas is a rising Hollywood star. She recently received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Knives Out, and she'll soon appear in the upcoming James Bond film, No Time to Die. Ms. de Armas also shines throughout this new multipart campaign, which was developed to celebrate the myriad connections with the unstoppable brilliance of natural diamonds and limitless boundaries of natural diamonds through creative imagination, and also to bring awareness to the Natural Diamond Council's digital platform "Only Natural Diamonds". The Natural Diamond Council represents seven of the world's leading diamond producers, all of which must follow the group's ethical codes, with an emphasis on mindful and sustainable mining practices and the support of women and families in diamond-mining communities. The "Only Natural Diamonds" portal serves as a window of discovery into this natural diamond universe.

Ana de Armas Stars in The Natural Diamond Council’s First Ever Celebrity Campaign
Ana de Armas Stars in The Natural Diamond Council’s First Ever Celebrity Campaign

The campaign--which was lensed in coastal Portugal, directed by Manu Cossu and photographed by Camilla Akrans--will be released on September 20, 2020, during the first ever virtual Emmy Awards.

Ms. de Armas was approached for the project as she radiates with poise and modernity, and she epitomizes an ascendant, free-thinking generation. Her elegant, effervescent and easygoing demeanor reflects the next chapter in the history of natural diamonds; a mindset in which the traditional tenets of diamond-wearing and exchanging are dismantled, leaving an open playing field in their place. From a barefoot party in a fragrant vineyard to a tangerine sunset along the Portuguese coast--diamond baguettes catching and diffusing the glowing rays as the sun slides into the horizon--this new attitude is casual, fun, energetic, present, and, most importantly, driven by connection and experience. Whether heading to a reunion with loved ones after months of isolation, seeing your best friend for a glass of wine after a long day, or taking a twilight walk with a partner, each and every moment is its own--and every moment is like no other. 

"I love thinking of diamonds this way, as special emblems of even the small personal moments in our lives," says Ms. de Armas. "They represent joy and warmth and beauty."

The campaign's 30-second hero spot airing at the Emmys will be complemented by a series of shorter video segments, spotlighting the various relationships portrayed from the clip. She is seen in laid-back outdoor settings with friends, with a parent, and with a partner. From this present, a fresh, opened-up Natural Diamond Council continues to be brilliantly highlighted: natural diamonds are not solely the privilege of romantic interests or traditional occasions. They are meant for every type connection

This new campaign marks a number of firsts for the Natural Diamond Council, in addition to welcoming its first Hollywood headliner. It is the first celebrity-fronted campaign for a diamond group (brand agnostic), adding an important contribution to an industry that supports the livelihoods of roughly 10 million people worldwide. This is also the first campaign dedicated to NDC's "Only Natural Diamonds" platform, and the first marketing initiative by the NDC to showcase such a diverse roster of jewelry designers that work with natural diamonds in exceptionally modern ways.

"We are very excited to have Ana to promote a deeper implementation of this campaign in China. Ana is born with keen insight into natural diamonds. Her great enthusiasm on natural diamonds sparked divergent inspiration during our shooting and will no doubt impress and encourage Chinese consumers and complement well the beauty of natural diamonds," adds Mabel Wong McCormick, Managing Director of Natural Diamond Council of Greater China, "This campaign redefines natural diamond moments, celebrating a variety of personal connections with these natural stones. It's a more contemporary approach to the diamond dream, for meaningful moments large or small."

Following its Emmys debut, the campaign will be featured on diverse media platforms in the following months. The Natural Diamond Council will also distribute campaign materials through its owned channels, including its website, which will feature behind-the-scenes footage and an interview element with Ms. de Armas, as well as comprehensive information about the brands and designers. The campaign will have a global presence, also running in the USA, United Kingdom and India.

In representing seven of the planet's leading diamond producers, The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) advances diamonds' desirability by publishing in-depth and engaging features and trend reports, and sharing resources and information with consumers on the ultimate timelessness and singularity of this remarkable natural stone, under six key pillars on Only Natural Diamonds#Epic Diamonds#, #Hollywood & Pop Culture#, #Love & Diamonds#, #Style & Innovation#, #Diamonds 101# and #Inside the Diamond World#. The NDC also works to support the integrity of the natural diamond industry, providing transparency, and insight on the ethics, sustainability and progress of this sector.


The NATURAL DIAMOND COUNCIL is an international industry association consisting of seven leading diamond mining companies in the world. Members include ALROSA, De Beers Group, Dominion Diamond Mines, Lucara Diamond Corp, RZ Murowa, Petra Diamonds and Rio Tinto, with total production accounting for 75% of global natural diamond market. Its mission is to show the multi-faceted world of natural diamonds and ignite people's desire for natural diamonds. The NATURAL DIAMOND COUNCIL establishes an authoritative role in the field of natural diamonds by publishing industry trends, sharing information, celebrating the extraordinary creativity of natural diamond jewelry, and promoting the values adhered to by our member companies and the positive social benefits created by the entire natural diamond industry.

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