Taiwanese Design Lands in The National Science and Technology Fair in Thailand

Taiwan Design Research Institute

Wed, 18 Nov 2020 - 04.32pm

TAIPEI, Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- From November 13th to November 23th this year, The National Science and Technology Fair in Thailand is held in The National Science Museum in Bangkok. Expecting nearly 60,000 visitors in 11 days, over 100 technology-related organizations occupy about 20,000 square meters of spaces. Under the global pandemic, many exhibits are about disease prevention. An area of 500 square meters is curated by Creative Director Namfon Laistrooglai of ICONSIAM, a renowned department store group in Thailand, with the title "Living with COVID-19".

The National Science and Technology Fair in Thailand and exhibition for Living with COVID-19
The National Science and Technology Fair in Thailand and exhibition for Living with COVID-19

With outstanding performances in this pandemic in Taiwan, Namfon Laistrooglai invites Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI) to participate about the pandemic experiences and changing lifestyles. From 2014 to 2019, TDRI has attended Bangkok Style and other key events in Thailand. With the first appearance in The National Science and Technology Fair, TDRI hopes to introduce and market Taiwan on different occasions.

The section from Taiwan highlights circular, disease prevention, and lifestyle, exhibits 18 outstanding pieces, and promotes Golden Pin Design Awards in Thailand. Participating exhibits include Re-ing bamboo fiber plates and cups (Golden Pin awarded) by DOT Design, Sunspa UV folding sterilizer by Vogito Innovation, Closet UVC Sterilizer (Golden Pin awarded) by Airmate, as well as Anti-bacteria Phone Pouch, Anti-bacterial Wall/ Ceiling Panel in MAC Wards, and Waste Fabric Furniture, all by MINIWIZ.

Due to the pandemic, TDRI cannot physically attend the event, but these exhibits are shipped to Thailand for international exchange. They will also inform the world how Taiwan innovate and adapt to the new normal. After this fair, the exhibition will be relocated to River Museum under ICONSIAM in early 2021. Hopefully after the pandemic cools down, more visitors in Thailand will learn about design capabilities from Taiwan, and superior designs in Taiwan will expand their influences in Thailand.

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