10 Places to Hang Out or Party at For Your New Year's Eve Celebration in 2017

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

By Lifestyle Guide

October 6 2018

1) A Night In Shanghai with Bar Rouge Singapore X Dom Pérignon

Granted that this party theme is not set exactly during the time period of Wong Kar Wai's acclaimed film 'In the Mood for Love', visitors can still lavish and bask in a similar setting of Shanghai in the 1930s that Bar Rouge Singapore has planned for this countdown party. Early birds stand a chance to get a New Year's Eve exclusive vintage portrait photo taken between 8 pm to midnight. This is a party for those who'd like to reminisce the transient period of youth and beauty as they usher in the new year of 2018.

Image source (Instagram): Bar Rouge Singapore

When: 31 December 2017, Sunday, Door opens from 8.00 pm onwards

Venue: Bar Rouge Singapore, Singapore 178882

For more details on entry pricing and table reservations, click here.

2) Siloso Beach Party

An all-time favorite for those who'd like to party from dusk until dawn without the hassle of dressing up in dainty stiletto heels or dapper-looking clothes. This year marks the 11th year of Singapore's one and only beach countdown party that promises to provide unlimited thrills and bops for it's attendees. Fireworks are also one of the main highlights of the event, so there's no fear of missing out from the ones that's going to be displayed at Marina Bay! Siloso Beach Party goes on well after the clock strikes midnight to welcome 2018, so this is a definite 'must-attend' if you'd want to go hard non-stop into the first day of 2018.

Image source (Web): Sentosa.com.sg

When: 31 December 2017, Sunday, from 6.00 pm - 6.00 am

Venue: Siloso Beach, Sentosa

For more details on ticket pricing, click here.

3) NYE Laneway Party with Honeycombers, Maggie Joan's and Vinomofo 

If you are way past the idea of indulging in hardcore partying and dealing with pushy crowds, the NYE Laneway party will be a great choice to end 2017 with. The organisers will literally be taking over a lane as attendees can enjoy feasting on Maggie Joan's free flow bites and drinking free flow wine provided by online wine retailer, Vinomofo. If you're wondering what's popping for dessert, Vinomofo has upped the game by creating WINESCREAM which is literally wine and ice cream that will also be available free all night. What better way than to end 2017 off like this?

Image source (Honeycombers): Illustrated by Stephanie Cayhadi for Honeycombers

When: 31 December 2017, Sunday, from 8.00 pm - 3.00 am

Venue: Maggie Joan’s and Gemmills, Gemmill Lane

For more details on ticket pricing and event line up click here.

4) New Year's Eve Bash 2017 with Joo Bar

Get down and merry with the Joo Bar as their party do not require any form of standard casual attire because attendees are required to wear their pyjamas loud and proud at their New Year's Eve celebration! Have fun staying up late by playing the carnival games available with your fellow friends and toast to the going of 2017 with booze in the most comfortable manner possible. All that's missing right now is the slumber game activity like the one Princess Mia had at her own palace.

Image source (Facebook): Joo Bar

When: 31 December 2017, Sunday, from 10.00 pm to 1.00 am

Venue: Joo Bar, Singapore 188094

For more details on ticket purchase and pricing click here. 

5) La Vie en Rosé with Cé La Vi X Dom Pérignon Rosé

Cé La Vi presents an exquisite cabaret-themed party decorated with a set up that's inspired by the classic Paris theatrical, avant-garde cabaret performances. Plus you can also enjoy the stellar view of Singapore’s spectacular fireworks blooming across the city's skyline. In collaboration with Dom Pérignon Rosé, the highlights of this event includes a spectacular Burlesque glass show that owns the stage as time makes it's way to midnight. So if you have the feels to be transported to the night scene of Paris on the last day of the year, give this event a shot!

Image source (Web): sg.celavi.com

When: 31 December 2017, Sunday, from 5.00 pm to 5.00 am

Venue: Cé La Vi Singapore, Singapore 018971

For more details on entry pricing and dress code click here. 

6) aniSONIC Countdown 2017 - 2018 with Magika 

Take a look at Singapore's most niché and unique countdown events; aniSONIC Countdown is one of the newest entry to the countdown party scene in Singapore. This event is specially crafted for those who have an interest in Japanese culture and pop culture. Attendees in general can look forward to participating their matsuri, a Japanese festival helmed with delicious Japanese food and festivities. A perk is that those who show up to the event in cosplay of recognisable characters can purchase their tickets at a discount!

Image source (Facebook): Magika

When: 31 December 2017, Sunday, from 5.00 pm to 1.00 am

Venue: D'Marquee@Downtown East

For more details on ticket pricing click here. 

7) New Year's Eve: Stars of Gold with 1Altitude

Glamour is the attitude that you need to have when you show up at the 'Stars of Gold' New Year's Eve celebration held by 1-Altitude. Expect a night surrounded by those who are in pursuit of modern elegance and enjoy premium house pours free flow at a limited time period only. This is for the ones who wish to luxuriate and revel at the incoming of year 2018 with a 'sky high glitz' and an environment that just screams glamourous. 

Image source (Facebook): 1 Altitude

When: 31 December 2017, Sunday, from 6.00 pm to 4.00 am

Venue: 1 Altitude, Singapore 048616

For more details on ticket pricing and dress code click here. 

8) Santa's Ready For 2018 Countdown Party with Timbre+ X Supersonic

Want to get that perfect shot to mark the first day of 2018 on your Instagram feed? Then head down to this event as Timbre+ is arming this party right here with a total of 10,000 balloons and multiple confetti canons that's going to be unleashed amongts the pumped-up crowd when 2018 hits. In addition, you can also enjoy the unlimited food options available at the party venue and get hyped by the performances put up by Supersonic, a local cover band that aims to share their music to the masses.

Image source (Web): Timbreplus.sg

When: 31 December 2017, Sunday, from 8.15 pm onwards

Venue: Timbre+

For more details on programme line up click here.

9) New Year's Eve at Sky High Social: The Ultimate New Year's Eve Party

Dubbed as one of the most anticipated countdown party in Singapore, Sky High Social promises an unbeatable view of the skyline and fireworks when midnight comes around. This party is equipped with a great live band, champagne, party favours and more! Reach a new high, literally, when you party at the SkyPark Observation Deck that's located 57 storeys up from the ground.

Image source (Web): Sistic.com.sg

When: 31 December 2017, Sunday, from 9.30 pm - 1.00 am

Venue: Sand Skypark Observation Deck, Singapore 018956

For more details on ticket pricing and purchase click here.

10) Marina Bay Singapore Countdown

The 'jack of all trades' of countdown events, Marina Bay Singapore covers both grounds of family-friendly fun and adrenaline junkies with their various countdown activities available. For the ones who are looking for a wholesome fun experience with thrills, you can get a taste of exciting rides available at The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival. You can opt for a late night picnic dining under the stars and soak up the magnificance of the upcoming firework displays by heading over to The Float. There will also be an artisanal marketplace available nearby that will serve as everyone's snacking point as they wait for 2018 to come by.

Image source (Facebook): Marina Bay Singapore

When: from 9 December 2017, Saturday onwards

Venue: Marina Bay and Civic District area

For more details on ticket pricing, purchase and programmes click here.