Healing Benefits of Honey for Hair, Skin, and More

Honey is not only great for eating, but can also serve as a miracle for your hair and skin

By Nicole McCray

March 22 2022

We are all fully aware that honey is a natural sweetener made by bees. You might like honey in your tea, on your bread, or even as a substitute for sugar in some recipes.

What you might not know is that honey is not only great for eating but can be utilized in many different ways. 

Honey can serve as a miracle for your hair and skin. It contains natural properties that help treat skin and hair issues and uses different varieties.

The best option for your overall health is with raw, unpasteurized kinds of honey, such as buckwheat and manuka. There are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiseptic qualities. 

So, what are the healing benefits of honey when you use them within your hair and skin routines?

Here are some helpful ways to take advantage of the advantages honey can bring when you use it in your next beauty regime.

Benefits For Your Hair

Let’s start by adding honey to how we treat our hair. Here are some of the best ways honey provides added benefits for hair growth and treatment.

Encourages Hair Growth

Honey contains many minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, and vitamin B. You can use it first and foremost to help with thinning hair or hair loss. It helps promote your hair to grow as a natural and effective treatment.

Use a couple of tablespoons of raw honey mixed with a little bit of warm olive oil, spread it all over your hair while it is wet, and leave it to sit for about fifteen minutes.

Then you can rinse and shampoo your hair as usual.  

Deep Conditioner For Your Hair

One great benefit that honey provides is moisture - it absorbs moisture and holds it in, so it does the same for your dry hair. As a result, it helps your hair maintain moisture and gives it a lot of shine and life, making it smooth and beautiful.

You can use honey as a deep conditioner or as a mask with your hair, applying it and letting it sit for up to twenty-five minutes before rinsing.

If you’re iffy about using the sticky stuff throughout your hair in this manner, there are plenty of special shampoo and conditioners with honey that you can find at a pharmacy or drugstore. Just ensure that they use raw and natural honey as their ingredient, not any pasteurized honey. 

Treatment for Scalp

Say, for instance, you suffer from scalp infections such as psoriasis, or you get dry, flaky scalp in the wintertime. Honey may be the answer to your scalp’s problems; it soothes itchiness and provides cleansing from dirt or dead skin cells that can cause buildup on your scalp. 

Mix just a little bit of water with some honey and massage gently into your head. After leaving it to sit for a few hours to ensure it does the job, you can wash your hair.

You’ll be surprised at how your scalp feels less itchy and irritated. You’ll quickly incorporate this treatment into your weekly hair schedule.

Benefits For Your Skin

Many of the same factors that work for your hair can also work for your skin. Let’s look at how honey is a great healer of skin inflammations and treats other skin conditions and issues.

Healing Wounds and Sunburns

Since honey has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent, it is an excellent source for treating skin injuries. Often honey can help speed up the healing process when you receive a cut or a scrape, and it can reduce swelling from a bump or bruise. 

Honey is known to help with healing the look of scars because of its antioxidant and moisturizing advantages.

You can also mix in honey with some aloe vera gel after a long day in the sun, apply it directly to your hot skin, and see how it helps soothe the affected area and reduce pain. 

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Hydration to the skin helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles so that you can use honey in this way directly on your face. It can penetrate deep into the skin to condition, soften, and nourish for a glowy complexion.

In addition, since it helps to fade scars, it has an anti-blemish property that helps tone your skin effectively. 

The antioxidants in honey can help with delaying skin ageing.

Using raw honey, you can massage it gently into your face, which boosts circulation and stimulates your skin to produce more collagen, which helps to tighten your skin. 

Cleansing and Exfoliation

Crystallized honey has tiny granules, which can feel rough and scratchy on the skin but act perfectly as an exfoliant. They will break down when you use warm water, and you can gently scrub your face and skin to clean away dirt and dead cells, so your skin feels fresh and nourished.

You can use honey every day in this way since it contains antibacterial properties.

It even acts as a natural remover for makeup - you can mix some honey with coconut oil and gently wipe all over the face to remove oil and makeup quickly while also treating your skin.

More Benefits of Honey

Did you know that you can eat honey to help you fall asleep? Its high fructose content can cause a spike in insulin within the body, which triggers your brain to produce serotonin and melatonin, making you feel sleepy.

You can use honey to relax in a hot bath soak or to help relieve dry, chapped lips.

Also, the anti-inflammatory agents help reduce swelling and redness in pimples when you have a breakout.

Make sure that you don’t have any allergies to honey, pollen, or beeswax, and you can reap the advantages that this sticky stuff can provide.

You will significantly improve your new beauty routine and your health by using this natural, helpful substance.