3 Fun-Filled Family Adventures You Shouldn’t Miss

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By Lifestyle Guide

June 27 2021

As the weather warms up and welcomes the sweet kiss of summer, there are many opportunities for outdoor excursions. However, with an abundance of options available to explore, it can be challenging to select just a few over the holidays.

If you and your family consider yourselves adventure enthusiasts and don't yet have these nine unique travel experiences on your list of to-dos, below are the top three fun-filled family excursions you need to try!

Bookmark the Best Fishing Destinations

Summer is one of the best times to cast a line, and what better way to serve up your catch than with your entire family in tow? 

If you prefer not to travel to the far side of the planet, North and Central America are home to some of the most lucrative fishing destinations. 

For instance, you can consider Dry Tortugas, a small group of islands located at the end of the Florida Keys, home to some of the world's most prize-worthy catches. Here, you can enlist the help of first-rate inshore guides and offshore charters to turn your fresh-off-the-boat winnings into a delectable lunch or dinner. 

Alternatively, your family might prefer pond fishing in shallow-water habitats such as those found in the Mississippi Marshes. More advanced anglers can take on challenging game fish like sea trout and black drums weighing up to 35 pounds. For a more fun-filled experience, consider doing some research first on which bass lures will suit you best, depending on the environment and what you intend to fish.

Finally, Montauk is another underrated fishing destination that you and your family will surely enjoy. Famous for its bass blitzes in long tidal rips along the shoreline, angling in this body of water is nothing short of awe-inspiring. 

Also, if you're travelling with younger children, ensure that you obtain the appropriate fishing licenses or opt for a youth-friendly destination. Check out this beginner's guide to fishing if this is your first time going on a fishing trip too!

Go on Scenic and Breathtaking Hikes

Identifying a child-friendly hike can be challenging—fortunately, dozens of U.S. national parks are more than appropriate for families with pre-teens or younger kids.

The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, for instance, are a haven for sand sledding and sandboarding, and perfect for keeping children entertained for hours.

Families who enjoy a bit of a challenge will love the Mammoth Cave National Park, which is a short, quarter-mile round-trip with spectacular scenery worth a postcard picture. 

Those who love wide open spaces will find solace in the Petrified Forest National Park, whose fallen trees will fascinate the most curious tots. 

Explore New and Delectable Cuisines

If you consider yourselves family foodies, the U.S. is home to some of the most indulgent cuisines you can't get enough of. 

San Francisco, for instance, is famed for its abundance of Michelin star restaurants and unique hole-in-the-wall gems. It is also home to many well-loved food markets, including the Ferry Building Marketplace. 

If you and your family are fans of authentic Creole food, don't skimp out on what New Orleans has to offer. Here, finger-licking experiences span delectable plates such as gumbo, po'boys, jambalaya, and more. 

A large part of getting to know the local culture is to indulge in what it has in store for your stomach! Thus, in most cases, the best part of exploring a new city is its cuisine. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a food-forward family or prefer to take on the challenge of the great outdoors, these three activities won't fail to satisfy anyone. Make sure to keep these travel recovery tips in mind when winding down after your excursion.