7 Last-Minute Ideas For Valentine's Day That Works For Both Singles and Couples

Because not all of us have the luxury to plan in advance

By Zhen Yin

April 27 2018

There's no escaping from Valentine's regardless of your current relationship status. Single or not, here are a list of ideas that works both ways as we celebrate the day of love that also marks the start of a long and well-deserved weekend for all of us!

Coffee Date For All at The Glasshouse

This is for the early birds who'd like to enjoy a cuppa as they watch the world go by on Valentine's. At The Glasshouse, customers can enjoy artisan toasts and fresh coffee brews. This is the place to go for those who want to slow down and appreciate being in the present, regardless if you are alone or in the company of your significant other for Valentine's.  

Gift Yourself (or others) with Mini Dried Flower Bouquets from Floral Kokoro 

Ever dreaded the hassle that came with accepting fresh blooms from your significant other, or buying them yourself if you are someone who doesn't have particularly green thumbs? Then drop the norm of buying live flowers and go for the soft aesthetic that dried flower bouquets have instead! Not only are they worth that Instagram shot, they are also tough in terms of longevity. 

Go Book Shopping at BooksActually

No one does love right like a writer does; a quiet afternoon of book browsing through this beloved bookstore in the company of other bookworms will do wonders to your soul. And if your wallet allows, perhaps make some room in your heart for poetry by purchasing poetry books written by local writers such as Joshua Ip, Pooja Nansi, Cyril Wong and more. 

Relish On Over-The-Top (O.T.T) Milkshakes at Benjamin Browns 

For those who have no clue on what Over-the-top (O.T.T) milkshakes are, it's basically your all-time favorite milkshake amplified to the maximum in terms of taste and aesthetics. Share the delicious drink 'Lady and the Tramp'  style; if you are single, opt to save the dessert goodness all for yourself! Head over to Benjamin Browns and order up their popular Nutella Banana, or look out for their other specialty O.T.T milkshakes such as their all new line of Luxe shakes

Entertain Your Inner Child at Level Up Bar 

Why spend your Valentine's in a lovey-dovey environment when you can spend it at Level Up Bar? Known as Singapore's first ever arcade-bar, Level Up is pumped full with excitement and childhood nostalgia with their vivid graffiti murals that features our beloved video game characters from back in the day.  Have a rolling good time with arcade game classics such as Metal Slug, Puzzle Bobble, Time Crisis and more. For the sport fanatics, there's always the good ol' basketball machines and darts!

Enjoy The Beautiful City Skyline at LeVeL 33

Literally take your head above the clouds, or at least close to it, by dining and drinking at LeVeL 33. This craft-brewery restaurant and lounge can only be accessed via a specific designated lift, and will definitely take your breath away as you are greeted with the city's skyline from up high. Not to mention their impeccable food menu, which 'features a modern interpretation of European classics with a twist'. Take note to have a handy outerwear at hand though, as it can get chilly up there!

Indulge In Live Singing Performances At Unplugged

Whether if you are single or not, Unplugged is the one place that you shouldn't give a miss if you are planning to give a great song dedication live. Visitors can write specific song requests and dedications on a piece of paper, before it's being passed on and performed by the talented and seasoned singers present. So knock yourself out with a drink at hand, a cozy ambience consisting of low lights and be seranaded by the sultry voice of the live singers as you enjoy the passing of 14 February.