Zhen Yin

Zhen Yin is a content writer and creator on the platform Styleguide. She writes the occasional prose plus drawings on neglected sketchbooks on the side and feels that Vincent Van Gogh deserved better.

Interview With Wine Sommelier Vasu K Chia

August 24 2017 | By Zhen Yin

Beer is made by men, wine by God - Martin Luther

On Success and Learning: Interview With Dr. Tan Kwan Hong

August 29 2017 | By Zhen Yin

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

When Do You Tell Yourself To Give Up?

September 18 2017 | By Zhen Yin

It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward

The Beginner's Guide to Understanding Beer

October 5 2017 | By Zhen Yin

Bring Out Your Inner German

A Review: 'In Time To Come' by Tan Pin Pin

October 10 2017 | By Zhen Yin

The opening of a time capsule in Singapore calls into question connections to time and place

13 Movies To Watch For The Ultimate Halloween Experience

October 13 2017 | By Zhen Yin

And no, Johnny's not here

6 Horror Games To Scare the Living Daylights Out of You

October 14 2017 | By Zhen Yin

You won't have to spend five nights at Freddy's no more

7 Food Places That Are Worth Your Money On Eatigo

October 16 2017 | By Zhen Yin

Have a feast that compares to the one 'No Face' had

Fruit Tea Stores to Visit to Catch On the Fruit Tea Trend in Singapore

November 1 2017 | By Zhen Yin

These drinks are one in a melon

Reflections from The Happiness Festival 2017

November 22 2017 | By Zhen Yin

Sometimes happiness really is a matter of choice

Christmas Traditions You Never Knew From Across The World

December 5 2017 | By Zhen Yin

There's more you can do to get involved than just buying the mistletoe

7 Last-Minute Ideas For Valentine's Day That Works For Both Singles and Couples

February 12 2018 | By Zhen Yin

Because not all of us have the luxury to plan in advance

7 Books To Kickstart Your Interest In Local Literature

February 26 2018 | By Zhen Yin

This is how you start to be part of the #BuySingLit movement

Engaging in Small Talk Is Not Small At All

March 13 2018 | By Zhen Yin

There's really no harm in talking about the weather

7 Movies To Watch If You Are Feeling Bad About Your Quarter Life Crisis

April 2 2018 | By Zhen Yin

There's nothing a good movie can't fix (at least temporarily)