7 Books To Kickstart Your Interest In Local Literature

This is how you start to be part of the #BuySingLit movement

By Zhen Yin

April 27 2018

Image Credit: Buy SingLit, Facebook

Mark your beginnings at the local literary scene by looking up and purchasing these seven titles written by local authors at the #BuySingLit Bazaar occuring from 9 March to 11 March!

Gone Case by Dave Chua

Arguably one of the most underrated coming-of-age stories written in local context, 'Gone Case' by Dave Chua provides a candid and unsentimental account on what it's like to grow up in Singapore. Yong, a twelve year-old boy finds himself torn between the ever increasing demands from school and his responsibilities as both brother and best friend to rebel, Liang.

Ministry of Moral Panic by Amanda Lee Koe 

This short story collection touches on dark themes and peculiar subjects that will make the reader question if anything is as it seems on the surface. From imaginings of the Merlion as a transexual that works at Orchard Towers to Maria Hertogh spending her life as a chambermaid in the United States, expect the unexpected from this great piece of work. 

Now That It's Over by O Thiam Chin 

Set during the Boxing Day tsunami in year 2004, 'Now That It's Over' does a brilliant and heartbreaking job of capturing how relationships can start to unravel and break. Dubbed as a story that one will need 'a warm drink and a hug' to deal with the aftermath, this is a novel that's definitely not for the romantics.

And The Walls Come Crumbling Down by Tania De Rozario 

A book that's the beautiful chimera between a memoir and amazing prose, 'And The Walls Come Crumbling Down' captures the author's life in three seperate events that involves the physical breakdown of the house that she resides in to the inevitable hauntings from childhood that she cannot shake off. You definitely do not want to give this a miss.

Let's Give It Up For Gimme Lao! by Sebastian Sim

This Singapore story is sure to cause some laughter and thoughtful contemplation from the readers as the story does a brilliant job at capturing the country's ambition, it's errors in an attempt to achieve so and the ever so fleeting moments of humanity that comes with it. 'Let's Give It Up For Gimme Lao!' is one for those who'd like a great retelling of Singapore history, done in the most humourous way possible.

Sugarbread by Balli Kaur Jaswal

A ten year-old is always warned to never become like her mother, but no one tells her why. Jaswal does a stunning job at portraying the prejudice and racism that still presides in Singapore to this very day, along with a compelling tale of family drama set in the local Punjabi-Sikh community.

Rainbirds by Clarissa N.Goenawan

Granted this book will not be available at the bazaar as it's on a pre-order basis, but it's definitely one not to miss as this manuscript alone beat a grand 805 other entries to bag the Bath Novel Award, an international prize for unpublished and independently published novelists. The story follows Ren Ishida, a man who's close to finishing graduating school when receives news about his sister's sudden death.