Sustainable Traveling Choices Amidst Growing Consumerism

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

By Nicole McCray

October 3 2022

Social media and online marketing have made consumerism more accessible than ever. Recent generations have also trended towards spending, whether it be on products or experiences.

Unfortunately, while it can be great for the economy in some cases, it damages local businesses and global sustainability. 

Travelling has been known to be a marker of big consumerism. However, most people don’t realize that you can make big and small choices that are much more sustainable and earth-friendly! 

Here are some ideas on how to get started. 

Your Travel

The first thing to consider is the type of trip you want to go on. How you travel plays a big role in how sustainable you are.

Staying local, of course, is the best way to practice sustainability. In addition, supporting a local economy outside of touristy cities is incredibly impactful. 

But the world was meant to be travelled, so sometimes we have to buy a plane ticket to take us. Once you get there, you can make some different choices.

Anywhere you can bike or walk, do it! It’s not only healthy but reduces carbon emissions. And if you have to take a ride, carpooling is the way to go. 

Your Suitcase

Packing has a lot to do with sustainability. The less you bring, the better.

Forget checking bags! These tips for packing for travel will make you feel lighter and realize less truly is more.

Anything you bring should be something that you can mix and match with others - pack for your climate and occasion. 

Your staples, like shirts and bottoms, should complement each other so you can make multiple outfits. Neutrals are the easiest way to do this. This way, you only need two to three of each.

The same applies to shoes you can wear every day and then a pair for a special occasion if there is one. Finally, bring a few accessories that you can change the outfit up with. 

Your Itinerary

Once you get to the destination, your itinerary matters; everyone wants to hit up tourist destinations but going off the beaten path is just as rewarding.

This is especially true when you incorporate a humanitarian project.

Donating your time to areas of need is one of the best ways to travel because you support a local economy in need while seeing beautiful parts of the world.

Unfortunately, only some have the time to dedicate to major humanitarian projects, so even something as small as a soup kitchen can be helpful. 

In your free time, hit up local markets and museums with charitable causes, and spending time in nature is a beautiful way to give back to the earth.

With all these little choices, picking just a few can make a major impact. It’s not about being the best sustainable traveller but making a conscious effort.