7 Food Places That Are Worth Your Money On Eatigo

Have a feast that compares to the one 'No Face' had

By Zhen Yin

October 5 2018

If you wish to eat like a king but not break the bank, Eatigo is the dining reservation app for you to use! In summary, Eatigo is a ‘discounted restaurant reservations platform’ that offers great discount deals off dining cost that can go as high as 50%. To save time on deciding what to eat from the application’s wide collection of restaurants, we’ve gathered a list of 7 restaurants that you can pick from to guarantee a great ‘Eatigo’ experience!

Pizza 101 at China Square Central

Source: Pizza 101 (Facebook)

Thin crust lovers can find themselves feeling at home in this place as Pizza 101 is known to serve great handmade pizzas fresh out from a stone-based oven! Look forward to having generous toppings that are tasty and blessed with great flavors such as their ‘Margherita’ and ‘Carnivore’ pizzas. Wonderful ingredients aside, the pizza place also ensures that the price paid for by their customers will definitely be worth it as their pizza size are known to be huge. Many have also commented that the service provided by the owner is impeccable, so now you know you are in for more than just a good dinner. Prices for the pizzas can get as low as $13* by booking through Eatigo.

Taste of India at 77 Rangoon Road (Halal)

Source: Taste Of India (Facebook)

Taste of India covers a wonderful range of South and North Indian cuisines that includes Tandoori dishes, Chettinaadu dishes and Fish Head Curry. Not only is it halal certified, the restaurant also has vegetarian options available as well like the Yellow Daal, Peanut Butter Masala and Aloo Gobi. So if you are craving a meal that’s packed full of fragrant meat marinated with gorgeous spices, delicious curry and best of all, hearty Naan, then you should definitely pay Taste of India a visit when you have the time to do so! Prices can get as low as $5* when you make your booking through Eatigo.

VeganBurg at 44 Jalan Eunos (Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly)

Source: VeganBurg (Facebook)

One way to describe VeganBurg is that it’s fast food that’s actually healthy. This is a great option for those who are (of course) vegan and vegetarian, and also an ideal starting point if you are out to convince self-confessed ‘carnivores’ that it’s actually possible to have a tasty meal without having meat involved. If you need further reassurance, you can also check out the food review that Night Owl Cinematics have made on the place! The fast food joint has a wide variety of burgers to choose from, and highly recommended items comprises of the ‘Smoky BBQ’ burger, ‘Avocado Beetroot’ burger and lastly the ‘Cracked Mayo’ burger. A walking distance from Eunos MRT station, prices can get as low as $5* when you are making your booking via Eatigo.

Idealite at 153 Rochor Road (Vegetarian Friendly)

Source: Idealite (Facebook)

Another vegetarian and healthy option for you to turn to when you are in the mood to eat right. Idealite is known for putting natural ingredients to great use that results in healthy and nutritious meals. It’s a great alternative for Muslims as well as it serves ramen made without the pork-based broth that’s usually found in most Japanese restaurants. Menu items to take note of are the ‘Bak Kut Teh Rice’, ‘Hokkaido Miso Ramen’ and ‘Sesame Chee Cheong Fun’. Prices can get as low as $7* when you make your booking through Eatigo.

The Drunken Poet at 400 Orchard Road

Source: The Drunken Poet (Instagram)

You may never find that gorgeous pot of gold at the end of a dazzling rainbow, but at least you can get a decent beer and scrumptious meal at The Drunken Poet if you have the feels to get yourself to cloud nine. Food recommendations start from a hearty round of the ‘Guinness Stew’, a stack of flavorful ‘Poet’s Triple Patty Burger’ and many more! Good service is guaranteed at the Irish pub and an extra bonus for all football fans out there as the place does live telecasts of the World Cup and Premier League as well! Prices can get as low as $10* by making your booking through Eatigo.

Korean Fusion BBQ at 5 Dunlop Street

Source: Korean Fusion BBQ (Facebook)

Heralded as a great place to go to if you are looking for that quick Korean BBQ fix that doesn’t put a solid hole in your wallet, Korean Fusion BBQ is known to provide a large variety of meat choices, vegetables, drinks and desserts! Savoury flavors to look out for are the Herb Pork Belly and surprisingly, Curry chicken. A suggestion is to pair a plainly grilled pork belly with the salt and pepper seasoning provided at the buffet to experience the most ‘authentic’ flavor. Their lunch buffet starts from 11.30 am to 3.59 pm and their dinner buffet starts from 4.00 pm to 2.00 am, which means more flexibility when it comes to tackling supper as well! Prices can get as low as $15* by making your booking through Eatigo.

Naruto Izakaya at 14 Lorong Telok

Source: Naruto Izakaya (Website)

Described as specialists in Japanese Izakaya dining, Naruto Izakaya serves satisfying Izakaya cuisine that consists of their Japanese Dons like the Hokkaido Uni Ikura Don, Naruto Tendon and their Unagi Don. Never leave the Izakaya without ordering some sake (or beer) too; Naruto Izakaya offers some value-for-money promotions such as ‘All Day 1-for-1 sake, beer and selected drinks’ as well! So if you are a big fan of sushi, rice bowls or fresh seafood in general, head down to Naruto Izakaya for your next meal from the office or with family and friends! Prices can get as low as $15* when you make your booking through Eatigo.

*Price calculation is made based off the highest discount offered for the respective locations on Eatigo. The price can actually vary depending on which time slots you decide to book on the Eatigo app.

**This post is not sponsored by Eatigo