8 Interesting and Unusual Mooncake Flavours worth a try this Mid-Autumn Festival

The different flavours will blow you away

By Charmaine Jacob

October 5 2018

Photo Credit: Goodwood Park Hotel

The Mid-Autumn Festival is just round the corner, and this means that it is now time to go mooncake shopping for the best delicacies around the island. While traditional flavours like lotus seed paste with a single or double egg yolk are still popular, unique flavours have been in huge demand amongst younger adults who are looking for a twist in the mooncakes they buy. Here are 8 mooncake flavours that are definitely worth a try.

Teh Tarik and Chocolate Truffle

If you think that teh tarik and roti prata is a good combination, wait till you get your hands on Grand Hyatt Singapore’s new mooncake flavour. With a rich chocolate truffle centre and a teh tarik fragrance, this snowskin mooncake is best enjoyed chilled.

At $78 for a box of 8 flavours, be sure to try their other interesting flavours like the acai berry truffle.

Photo Credit: Grand Hyatt Singapore

Pandan with Gula Melaka

The pandan chiffon cake was named Singapore’s No. 1 cake last year. If you still aren’t over the pandan craze, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore has just the treat for you. With a gula melaka centre and a pandan filling, this snowskin mooncake will make your tastebuds dance around from the sweetness of our local flavours. The mooncake is priced at $61 for a classic box of 4, and $73 for a premium box of 4.

Photo Credit: The Fullerton Hotel / Wine & Dine

Milo Dinosaur

If traditional local flavours aren’t your cup of tea, something with chocolate might just do the trick. A popular choice for both young children and adults is the milo dinosaur mooncake that can also be bought from The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. The mooncake comes with chunks of crunchy milo pops surrounded by a smooth milk lotus paste. What is unique about this mooncake is that the smooth snowskin will definitely compliment the crunchiness of the bits of chocolate inside the dessert. Similar to the pandan with gula melaka mooncake, a classic box of 4 costs $61, while a premium box of 4 will be $73.

Photo Credit: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Blue Pea Flower

Feast your eyes on one of the most beautiful mooncakes you will ever see. The blue pea flower with white lotus seed paste and melon seeds challenges the art of mooncake making with its unique deep blue and white brushstroke colours. Made from natural food colouring, the blue pea flower essence makes this sweet treat something too beautiful to eat. The Goodwood Park Hotel is selling these mooncakes at $64 for a box of 4. 

Photo Credit: Goodwood Park Hotel

Salted Egg Yolk

From croissants to potato chips, the salted egg yolk craze seems to be sticking around longer than we thought it would. The Hua Ting Restaurant at the Orchard Hotel is selling mini salted egg custard mooncakes that come in a box of 8 for $69. With chunks of salted egg complimenting the custard filling, this cold mooncake is soft on the outside but crumbly on the inside.

Photo Credit: Orchard Hotel

Chicken Bak-Kwa with Assorted Nuts

Eating too much Bak-Kwa is now not only something that you can do when you go visiting on Chinese New Year. Made by Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, this is another crunchy filling mooncake that is worth a try. Chicken bak-kwa pieces are found inside together with the sesame paste. Additionally, melon seeds, macadamia nuts, almonds and kumquat provide the extra crunch to this savoury mooncake. At $70 for a box of 4, this is a perfect gift for friends and relatives during this season.

Photo Credit: Singapore Mariott Tang Plaza Hotel

Mao Shan Wang Durian and Durian Gula Melaka

While the Mao Shan Wang durian is back by popular demand, the durian gula melaka flavour is something new for the Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific Singapore this year. With a combination of sweet and smooth durian puree and mouth watering gula melaka, get ready to tingle your taste buds. The durian gula melaka snowskin mooncakes come at $68.80 for a box for 4, while the Mao Shan Wang durian ones are priced at $88.80 for 4.

Photo Credit: Pan Pacific Singapore


Also from Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific Singapore, the chewy consistency and aromatic fragrances that come from the cempedek snowskin mooncake is a taste that you will never forget. This South-East Asian favourite is priced at $68.80 for a box of 4.

Photo Credit: Pan Pacific Singapore / Daniel Food Diary