A Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

For the people we love the most.

By Alvina Koh

May 10 2019

Time flies, and we are nearing yet another Mother's Day! Here in Sunny Singapore, while the quotidian hustle and bustle have made it hard for us to consistently show our immense appreciation for our mothers, it is no excuse for us to miss out on this special occasion made for the noblest people in our lives.

For all of you last-minute people out there, fret no more! STYLEGUIDE has consolidated 5 gifts from different price ranges that you can look into this Mother's Day season!

Eu Yan Seng's Queen Of My Heart Bird's Nest 8'S Gift Set

Credits: Eu Yan Sang, Priced at $89.90.

If you're looking to pamper your mummy this Mother's Day, the Bird's Nest is one gift that you should not overlook! Like everyone in this world, we often wish for good health and fortune for our mothers, and the Bird's Nest exactly symbolizes both wishes. Made with all natural ingredients, Eu Yan Sang's Bird's Nest is one made of superior quality. Simply place it in a cool dry place (or refrigerate it for the shiok-sation!) and drink it 3 hours after dinner. Before you know it, your beloved mummy is going to be in the pink of her health.

ESTHEVA's Mother's Day Special

Credits: Estheva. Prices starting at $255 (before GST)

Nothing can ever beat spa days! Here at ESTHEVA, they provide unparalleled spa treatments and services that will certainly put your mother in tip-top mood for the rest of the year (or May, at least). An exquisite experience, ESTHEVA offers 2 special spa treatments that help to energize your tireless mother - the Collagen Body Butterapie© and C-Matrix© + Collagen Butter Facial. ESTHEVA has also thrown in an additional 15-minute Calming Therapy session this Mother's Day, giving your mum that extra pampering that she needs. Moreover, bringing her to this spa will definitely win her some bragging rights when hanging out with her friends - a comical yet endearing sight!

If you're interested in the services, be sure to visit them at their site or more information! Make sure to make the necessary reservations before time runs out!

ToTT's 1-for-1 Mother's Day Special: Popular Cantonese Dim Sum Cooking Class

Credits: ToTT store. Priced at $128/pair

If you have been neglecting your mum (and her cooking) for a while now, the best way to spend time together is to head for a cooking class together! Led by Chef Shih Erh Low, an extraordinary cook adept at preparing a myriad of cuisines, this hands-on cooking class is definitely a good way to bond with your mother. Besides having the luxury of using quality kitchen equipment and creating lasting memories with your dearest mummy, consider the benefits of learning cooking together - there will be more common topics to talk and banter over in future! Furthermore, it is also a chance to show your mum that you have what it takes to be the next Bedok Masterchef.

For more information, check them out at their site. There are 4 other classes that you might want to consider - ranging from French cuisine to Nasi Lemak.

Dyson's Airwrap Styler

Credits: Dyson. Priced at $699 for the complete set.

If you're feeling bougie and expensive this season, be sure to head down to the nearest Sephora to grab that highly raved Dyson's Airwrap Styler for your mother! The fuss-free technology, completed with numerous features (barrels of different sizes, volumising brush etc.) is useful in helping your mother create that hairstyle of her choice in the comfort of her own home. Forget salons - this styler will do the trick!

Be sure to check out YouTube guides on how to create different styles with this product. For more information, check them out on their site.

Sunglass Hut's Burberry Shades


 Credits: Sunglass Hut

If we're talking Singapore weather, shades are a definite must. In lieu of the year-round summer weather, a pair of chic and functional shades that actually protects your eyes from UV rays is extremely essential. Guaranteed for its high quality and perfect fit (free adjustment services at the counter!), Sunglass Hut is the place to go when sourcing for shades from a variety of luxury brands. From Miu Miu to Versace, our mothers will be spoilt for choice when entering one of their 21 stores littered across the island.

Visit them at their Facebook page for more information, or check out their website to find the nearest outlet to you!