Fishing Fanatics: An Interview with Hendy & Nicole

"The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore."

By Lifestyle Guide

July 10 2019

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing the wind in your hair and waves beneath your feet? Or do you harbour a passion for devouring fresh seafood? Meet Hendy and Nicole - two individuals who have tried their hand at the artistry of fishing through My Fishing Frenzy Academy (MFFA) and have picked up tips and tricks along the way.

Maintaining such a hobby is not an easy feat when you have a career to focus on as well, read on as STYLEGUIDE finds out about how they have struck a balance between work and life and been enjoying both!

How did you get started with your fishing journey, and what sparked your interest?

Hendy: I have been interested in fishing and have fished here and there since I was young, but did not really get into serious fishing until 2016. Mostly because I didn't know how to, and did not encounter any channels to learn about fishing in a structured manner (and how to be a self-reliant angler). I started my fishing journey with MFFA in 2016, and it has been going strong since then.

Nicole: My childhood dream was to do marine biology. Somehow along the way, I ended up becoming a doctor instead of working in the Emergency Department. Nobody I knew then fished. I simply signed up for a course under MFFA because fishing sounded fun, and I love trying nature activities. 

What was your first experience in fishing like and what do you enjoy most about the activity?

Hendy: When I was 7, during a family vacation, my mom took me fishing at a fishing pond at a resort we were staying in. At that time, I was so amazed by how the little hooks and the rounded pellet baits could catch so many fish. I spent the whole stay at the fishing pond. I enjoyed the thrill of catching fish. 

Nicole: (laughs) My first fish was an itty bitty leatherjacket fish. I was hooked nevertheless. Fishing is therapeutic for the soul.

What are your thoughts about the therapeutic benefits of fishing?

Hendy: Fishing is an excellent way to relax and reset your mind after a hectic work week.

Nicole: I enjoy boat fishing mainly because when you are surrounded by just waves and sky...You relax, and honestly, all your troubles seem minuscule compared to the vast blue ocean. It gives me perspective. 

How does fishing help you spend more quality time with your families amid a hectic work life?

Hendy: This would only work if your family enjoys fishing as well.

Nicole: Fortunately, I'm not married yet! But my extended family has been getting fresh wild fish, and they have been pretty happy. I double up as fishmonger/angler haha. 

What would you say to encourage others who have never tried fishing/sailing before?

Hendy: Give it a shot! Join a trip with a beginner-friendly charter and see if you enjoy the experience. Try and eat your freshly-caught wild sea fish and you will be surprised how much better these are compared to the fish you buy from supermarkets or restaurants.  

Nicole: Just do it. If you don't have buddies or don't have the equipment, hey, that's how I started too. Best life long hobby if you love the ocean. And fresh seafood. 

Any pro tips for fishing newbies?

Hendy: If you are interested in fishing, it pays to learn the fundamentals properly in a structured and systematic way. Once you are able to rig your own setup and tie your own knots, given that Singapore is overfished and bite rates may be scarce, I would suggest to hit up the local pay ponds (which are supposedly designed to provide more hit rates) to get more exposure to catching fish. And from then on, learn from your mistakes (i.e. every one of those "big" fish that you lost). Good luck!

Nicole: There will be days where you may not land anything for hours. It’s OK. We all have. Just learn from the experienced anglers. And tie your own knots, learn how to do basic servicing for your own reels (Youtube is excellent), learn about different fishing techniques. Fishing is a lot about knowledge.