The Highlights of Singapore Night Festival 2019

Watch as the city comes alive through light and art.

By Nicole Chan

August 27 2019

In the spirit of commemorating 700 years of history, the long-running Singapore Night Festival returns with a non-stop line-up of arts, culture, fun and spectacle! Running from 23 to 31 August, the iconic festival kicks off with the crowd-favourite Night Lights, before culminating in three days of thrilling performances by both local and international artists. 

As you venture on a journey of the different 17 light exhibits, the dichotomy between science and art is blurred as we explore different installations that make use of both aspects to create gorgeous and enthralling works. STYLEGUIDE highlights a few must-see exhibits this 2019!

Kickstart your night with Keep Dreaming, a transformation of our very own iconic landmark, the National Museum of Singapore. Known for their development of artworks involving graphics, sound, light and scenography that have been seen across Europe, internationally-renowned French group Spectacularies has truly outdone themselves. Watch the building come to life as the light display invites all on an exciting, whimsical journey which will leave you in a reverie. 

Lit up for the first time, the historic CHIJMES was the chosen location for Waves of Time, an animated projection by Chips & Toon. Inspired by Singapore's very own history, the façade projection depicts the journey of a prince overcoming the seas to follow his dream. Complete with colourful animations, playful sound effects and a gorgeous setting, viewers will be able to bask in the celebrations of diversity and how Singapore was shaped by maritime trade and travel.

At the National Design Centre, design company Asylum has aptly titled its installation work a Work-In-Progress, which features a scaffold structure which is lit up with various patterned light formations. They invite viewers to use their creativity and imagination, hence leaving things up to each individual's interpretation - isn't that what art is all about?

A collaboration between A*STAR and NAFA sees the use of electricity-conductible ink and paper-thin films to create Skylight and Timeline. Not only is this innovative coupling of Art and Science photo-worthy, it also ensures that the lighted installations are environmentally-friendly!

Ca Kway Teow, a group of architecture students from the National University of Singapore, was inspired by childhood "mischiefs" of doodling on every available surface and invites all to loosen up and get in touch with their inner child with this installation, SK(R)ETCH. The public is encouraged to scratch off the paint to reveal a mosaic of bright colours and patterns, that come together to tell Singapore's story.