Nicole Chan

Nicole is deeply invested in film and music because they make life just a tad more comforting. You can usually catch her with a drink in her hand and a book in the other.

A Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide

June 14 2019 | By Nicole Chan

Even Superman needs some appreciation sometimes.

Where to Find the Best Truffle Fries in Singapore

June 17 2019 | By Nicole Chan

This one's for the truffle lovers.

A Guide to the Top Affordable Spas in Singapore

June 17 2019 | By Nicole Chan

There's nothing a good spa session can't fix.

Meet Vivien Yap: A Rising Star of the Local Music Scene

June 27 2019 | By Nicole Chan

Music's just another language for us to express ourselves.

A Guide to the Best Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore

July 1 2019 | By Nicole Chan

It's not always a vanity thing.

5 Izakaya Bars to Satisfy Your Japanese Food Cravings

July 9 2019 | By Nicole Chan

The perfect place for some downtime.

5 Best Pick-Me-Up Acai Bowls in Singapore

July 10 2019 | By Nicole Chan

It's ah-sigh-ee.

What's Happening: Events in Singapore from Jul - Dec 2019

July 19 2019 | By Nicole Chan

Don't say boijo.

A Brief Guide to Intersectionality

July 22 2019 | By Nicole Chan

Strength lies in differences, not similarities.

A Chat with Joe Tan: Music For A Cause

July 24 2019 | By Nicole Chan

"Music is the universal language of mankind."

Get Involved: 7 Local Volunteering Opportunities

July 25 2019 | By Nicole Chan

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

A Chat with the Founders of Our Wine Coterie

August 5 2019 | By Nicole Chan

“Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.” - Louis Pasteur

Celebrate Local: Top 7 Homegrown Films

August 7 2019 | By Nicole Chan

Die die must watch.

Potato Head Singapore Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary!

August 22 2019 | By Nicole Chan

"By providing good times and doing good in the world."

The Highlights of Singapore Night Festival 2019

August 28 2019 | By Nicole Chan

Watch as the city comes alive through light and art.

Changing the Local Music (& Animal Rescue) Game with Joie Tan

September 1 2019 | By Nicole Chan

"It’s a process, but don’t forget that we’re all figuring it out too."