Perfect Attire: Saying Yes to the Suit With Tulsi

“Our craftsmanship is our pride.”

By Chantelle Lim

July 11 2019

It’s no secret that a good, well-fitting suit is the key to looking your best. Though going to a bespoke tailor in Singapore may seem daunting -both in price and process- at first, a carefully crafted suit is made to fit and last better than anything you’ll find off the rack. A bespoke suit is an investment, and Perfect Attire is here to show you how you can still find bespoke suits in Singapore without breaking the bank.

With a passion for offering luxury bespoke tailoring at affordable prices, Perfect Attire started in 2014 crafting quality shirts for men, and slowly evolved into including handcrafted jackets and trousers in its arsenal today. 

STYLEGUIDE talks to founders Tulsi and Shriram, as they share on the Singapore bespoke tailoring scene, the journey of Perfect Attire, and what makes the brand special. 

The Journey of Perfect Attire

“We started out with an interest in tailored menswear. Both Shriram & I are averse to the concept of fast fashion that is so prevalent nowadays, and we wanted to add our might against this. When you build something you know will fit you, the occasion and your taste, you are bound to cherish it longer,” says Tulsi, who is also the brand’s chief designer. "Our clients are testament to this."

With a synchronised vision in bespoke luxury menswear, the duo founded Perfect Attire, priding themselves in the craftsmanship and quality bespoke tailoring experience. All artisans involved in Perfect Attire’s tailoring process are rigorously trained in the hand-sewing techniques involved in the creation of a full canvas suit.

Tulsi expresses that the art of tailoring and hand-sewing has become a dying craft. Many people are not willing to put in the effort to learn how to make suits and shirts in the traditional processes, and a lot of tailors have moved on to machine-stitched alternatives.

“It’s not easy to find the real, full canvas suits these days in Singapore, especially at affordable prices. It’s also a challenge to find the right people to learn the craft; not many people have the patience or interest to do handmade stuff anymore. Everyone wants things to be easier; who wants to sit and sew all day?”

The Bespoke Process

Every suit at Perfect Attire is crafted with two fittings. First, Tulsi has a consultation session with the client to provide professional advice on the style, cut, colour, and material of the bespoke piece. “Sometimes, clients ask for customisations like contrast accents on their trousers and jackets, so they can choose all the little details they want to add to their garments.”

Unlike made-to-measure services where ready-made patterns are available for clients to choose from, Tulsi creates a new pattern for every client according to their preferences and requirements.

After she drafts a customised pattern for the client, a muslin piece is made to make sure the pattern and fit are perfected with the right silhouette, slopes, and curves.

“That’s the most important part,” Tulsi tells me. “It doesn’t matter if you’re using the most beautiful fabrics in the world if the fit is not right.” She takes down the changes to be made from the muslin fitting, and then a second piece is created with the necessary adjustments.

Next, a basted fitting is held to make any last alterations before the actual garment is made. “It’s not ideal to do alterations on the actual garments, as it might leave visible marks on the piece.”

Handmade Artistry

“There are a lot of details in the handcrafting process that most people don’t notice,” says Tulsi. While most commercial suits are made with mid-range fusible interfacing, bespoke suits at Perfect Attire feature a hand-stitched horsehair canvas interfacing that adds to the longevity and structure of the piece. 

While Perfect Attire also offers fused interfacing suits as an affordable option for their clients, Tulsi explains that they use higher quality materials than what is commercially available. Furthermore, their artisans are equipped with the proper skills of fusing the interfacing well to ensure the quality of the garment. 

The age-old trick of pulling apart the fabric layers of a suit to check its interfacing seems to have worked for a long time. However, this method has become unreliable with new innovations in technology. Many producers have started using two layers of thinner fusible interfacing to pass the pull-apart test.

“Instead, you should flip to the underside of the lapel to see the hand stitches,” Shriram tells me. “That’s how you can tell the difference between real, hand-stitched suits from the fusible ones.”

The brand also carries designs with unique innovations to make their garments more user-friendly. For instance, they created a style of Gurkha trousers with buttons at the back to make them easier to wear without having to fuss over the buckles in the front.

Perfect Attire shirts feature hand-sewing and professional cutting techniques, including split yokes, hand-shanked buttons, and hand-sewn collars. Clients are also able to choose their own designs, fabrics, and colour combinations. 

“We want to focus on handcrafted suits without rushing the production process,” shares Shriram. “Most of our suits take an average of 5-6 weeks from start to finish, because it is important for us to preserve the quality and artisanship of our work.”

Perfect Attire takes pride in their affordable pricing: fused interfacing suits start at $500, wool blend full canvas suits are priced from  $650, and pure wool full-canvas suits are $850 and up. Their direct partnership with Italian mill Andreazza & Castelli also ensures they can provide premium Italian fabrics at affordable prices. 

What is a Milanese buttonhole?

A Milanese buttonhole is a prized detail in the construction of suits that is rarely found in Singapore. It comprises a hand cut and sewn buttonhole on the lapel of the jacket that can only be done by quality tailors. The process involves placing a gimp around the buttonhole edge and carefully hand-stitching it in place. 

This construction technique is entirely different from traditional hand-sewn buttonholes, as it requires more effort and skill. Perfect Attire prides itself in the extensive training and research they have invested in perfecting this process. 

For a limited time only and exclusively for STYLEGUIDE readers, Perfect Attire is offering a free Milanese buttonhole customisation worth $100 with any purchase of a premium suit. To find out more, click here to schedule a consultation. 

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