Singapore GP Unveils New Hospitality Concepts For 2018 Singapore Grand Prix

Enjoy Michelin starred meals and luxurious comfort as you watch the Grand Prix this year

By Camillia Dass

October 5 2018

Race promotor, Singapore GP Ptd Ltd unveiled two new luxurious experiences, in addition to the existing three, for guests attending the Formula 1 2018 Singapore Grand Prix last night. 

Guests will now get to enjoy the highly exciting race in a completely transformed Sky Suite as well as the new Twenty3, which is a brand new hospitality concept offered by the organisers.

Here’s what guests can expect:

The Revamped Sky Suites

This year, the Sky Suites will be revamped to better cater to the needs of clients. It will boast 15 innovative features such as a higher ceiling, improved ambient lighting, new aesthetics and even private balconies. 

Clients now have even more options to customise their experience with the ability to choose their dining options and even the decor of the room. 

The suite features two decor options which are Classic or Alternative. In the Classic selection, clients can expect spaces of vibrant colours against a dramatic backdrop. With the Alternative option, clients will get warmer and more earthy tones.

These suites will features luxe finishes, private balconies and an unobstructed view of the race track below. 

Clients also get the option to customise their food and beverage menu with many alfresco dining options available from award-winning restaurants. 

The All-New Twenty3 Suite

Twenty3 is Singapore GP’s latest addition to their hospitality offerings and it is refreshing and luxurious.

Twenty3 is currently the only hospitality option which allows for single day tickets. Guests can expect multiple dining options, live music and bespoke entertainment areas which will only serve to heighten the excitement of the race.

Clients will be treated to different cuisines such as Italian, Asian or New Age as well as four specialty bars. There will also be a 10-meter long desert bar with creations by pastry chef Andrew Bowden.

Aside from the food, Twenty3 will also feature a two-story Apex Lounge where a guest DJ, Gil Glasenberg, will be playing for guests to enjoy while they have specially created cocktails. There will also be 300 light spheres hanging overhead.

Twenty3 is located strategically at the final corner of the circuit and guests will be able to view the cars as they go towards the pit straight through full-length windows or outdoor viewing galleries. 

Photos: Singapore GP

Clients can book these hospitality suites by calling +65 6731 5900 or by emailing For more information, visit