Twelve Awesome Places to Hang Out to Watch The World Cup

Fancy watching the World Cup at a bar? Here are a list of the best ones!

By Camillia Dass

June 13 2018

Featured Image: Boomarang Bistro & Bar

It’s finally here! The World Cup is back and will be starting on June 14. However, it can be quite expensive to stream it from your home. In fact, SingTel is offering their World Cup TV Package for a whooping $125. 

That can be quite a blow considering that you might not even have the time or energy to watch every single match. Most of which will be around midnight or even at 2 or 3am in the morning.  

So instead of shelling out that kind of cash, why not grab some buddies and head on down to some cosy bars with affordable alcohol to enjoy the matches. 

Here are twelve awesome places to hang out to watch the World Cup this year.

1. Bar Bar Black Sheep

Bar Bar Black Sheep is a cosy and laid-back bar with affordable drinks and food. In fact, you could even show up in comfy clothes and no one will really judge you.

For the World Cup, you will be able to get a bucket of three Carlsberg Smooth Draught's for only $19. Bar Bar Black Sheep also has other promotions such as 1-for-1 cocktails and 40% off of selected hard liquor bottles if beer if not really your thing.

The best part is that there is no GST or service charge to worry about.

2. The Bank Bar + Bistro

If you work or live near the CBD area, this bar is perfect for you becuase it is cosy and quiet. They will  be screening all the 12am matches on June 15 and all other matches starting from the quarter finals to finals on their large screen televisions. 

If you are not a huge fan of people getting overexcited about the games and would rather watch your matches peacefully, this one is for you.

3. Hard Rock Cafe 

Hard Rock Cafe is conveniently located in Orchard Road and is well known for their great atmosphere and drinks. However, they will only be screening selected matches so it would probably be a good idea to check on the screening times before heading down.  


If you're really down to have a great night, try watching the match at FUSE. They will be screening the matches live and you are guaranteed a good time with their live entertainment before the matches and 25% all food and drinks after 2am. What could be better?

5. Harry's Bar

Harry's Bar is quite well-known for their happy hours and their cosy spaces that make it pefect for a drink after work. However, when the matches start, the crowd can get quite excitable so you'll be in for a fun time for sure.

6. The Chamber Bar and Bistro

The Chamber Bar and Bistro is located in Robertson Walk and they are known for showing the matches live on their huge projector screen in the courtyard. It's a great place to just kick back and relax even if it might not be as comfortable as an indoor bar.

7. Muddy Murphy's 

If you're looking for a special experiance, head on down to Muddy Murphy's where you can enjoy the matches amoungst fans who are known to randomly break into renditions of team chants and songs. There is also a friendly rivalry that goes on between the fans there.

Perfect for an authentic and fun match viewing experience!

8. Pan Pacific Orchard

For something a little bit fancier, you could watch the match at the Pan Pacific Orchard's hotel lobby lounge.

This is certainly a place to come to with some friends because the hotel has a special menu for the matches.

You can also get a free bottle of beer for every five beers ordered.

Plus, you could stand a chance to win an official 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer ball just by being there and cheering on your team.

9. The Penny Black Victorian London Club

This is another bar to hang out at if youre looking for an energetic and boisterous crowd to enjoy the match with. The cosy pub tends to get quite crowded when sports events are screened and is usually full of passionate football fans who will engage in friendly rivalry as well as break out into chants randomly.

Watching the match at this bar would be like being right in a European movie.

10. Ricciotti

If hearty Italian food is more up your alley, Ricciotti has got you covered with their spread of pastas and various breads that you can munch on.

Enjoy the matches even more with their 1-for-1 beer promotions.

11. Propeller

If ambiance is key, Propeller is your go to bar for the World Cup. This is a rooftop bar which will be screening matches from June 14 onwards. On Fridays and Saturdays, the bar will be screening matches that start at 2am. Their operating hours will also be from 5pm to 4am. It is very comfortable with couches and cushions and has a stunning view of the city to match.

The bar also has World Cup promotions. For $50, you can mix and match any five bottles of beer or cider. How cool is that?

12. Hollandse Club

This country club has opened its doors to the public for their screenings of the matches. You can enjoy pre-match beer promotions, traditional Dutch food as well as breakfast. You'll also be in the company of hard-core Dutch fans which will make the experiance so much more authentic and exciting.