US Cult-Favourite Milani Cosmetics Is Finally In Singapore (And Asia!)

The Robin Hood of beauty.

By Alvina Koh

May 8 2019

Milani Cosmetics launched its debut in Singapore (and Asia!) on May 3rd at Watsons Jurong Point. A home-grown, cruelty-free brand aimed at providing affordable beauty products to women of all ages, Milani has since made its mark by becoming one of the fastest growing brands in the US just last year. Make-up moguls such as Jeffree Star had also recently launched a 30-minute long review on Milani cosmetics on his YouTube channel, revealing his utmost love for the brand due to the high and luxurious quality of its products. His review on Milani's products has since garnered more than 5 million views in just 2 short weeks, which seriously begs the question - is Milani really that awesome? 

In picture: Luminoso Glow Shimmering Face Palette, Rose Powder Blush, Soft & Sultry Eyeshadow Palette, Pure Passion Eyeshadow Palette

Attending its press launch just last week, it has come to my attention that Milani, unlike most drugstore brands, positions itself as an inexpensive high-end brand that suits the demands of women of all ages and ethnicity. While its merchandise is produced by the same high-end manufacturers producing higher-priced products, they are resolved in their commitment to keeping prices low - which is why they are only found in drugstores such as Ulta and Watsons. Known for its inclusive range and wallet-friendly price point, here are some key products that you should definitely snag when visiting Watsons!

Baked Blush

credits: Milani

A cult favourite in the states, the baked blush is finally here for our local make-up fans!

The luxurious Milani baked blush is a highly pigmented and buildable blush that Singaporeans will definitely love. A matte blush by nature, this blush is also packed with shimmers that is not too overpowering for our beauty lovers. Available in 9 distinct shades, there is a blush suited for every skin tone out there!

Author's tip: To get more bang for your buck, use this product as your highlighter by applying this on the high points of your cheek to get that radiant glow goin' for ya!

Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

credits: Milani

We all know a good eyeshadow palette when we see one.

A compact palette with 12 full and pigmented matte eyeshadows, one can definitely create endless looks with this affordable product. While many drugstore palettes fail to deliver, in terms of its pigmentation and amount of eyeshadow fallout, Milani doesn't disappoint. Its jaw-dropping one swipe pigmentation is testament of its high quality, which truthfully, is one heck of a deal given its retail price.

Author's tip: Check out world-renowned YouTubers Tati and KathleenLights for some inspiration for your next look!

Conceal + Perfect Foundation Stick

credits: Milani

For our sisters with oily T-zones, this foundation stick is a life-saver.

Having tried this during Milani's launch, it is safe to say that this product is suitable for girls with oily skin. While many are convinced that stick foundations tend to dry out the skin, this is absolutely not the case for Milani's product. Packed with bamboo powder to absorb oil and Lily extract to lighten the look of pores, this foundation stick is a must-have in this tropical heat. 

Author's tip: Use a foundation brush instead of your beauty blender to blend this baby out!

Bold Color Statement Matte Lipstick

credits: Milani

Available in 24 shades, there's a lipstick colour to suit every mood that you have!  

Milani's matte lipstick is without a doubt the one product you must snag when visiting its Watsons counter. Comfy, pigmented and moisturizing, the matte lipstick dries up comfortably and lasts for up to 8 hours of wear. Simply purchase any one of these colours to get that bad chick vibe going!

Author's tip: If you're afraid that the colours might be too loud for you, apply this lipstick on the centre of your lips and blend them out with your fingers to achieve that gradient effect!


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