SCORE Launches FitoMojo Livestream Shopping Platform

SCORE Sports Management SDN BHD

Tue, 30 Jun 2020 - 03.50pm

Well-known sports event organizer pivots to navigate the new normal.

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SCORE has proven an SME can change directions quickly, by launching FitoMojo Live Stream Shopping. FitoMojo promotes selected products from participating brands directly to consumers who log in to watch their Facebook Live. Consumers can engage directly with the promoters regarding the promotions, and purchasing of the offered products.

Fun real-time interaction by the CEO, Patricia Tan
Fun real-time interaction by the CEO, Patricia Tan

"We make it an entertaining and personal affair, as the interactions are in real-time with consumers who log in to watch," says Patricia Tan, the CEO of SCORE.

SCORE's FitoMojo Live Stream Shopping made its maiden broadcast in May this year. Their first three episodes had achieved more than 10,000 views.

SCORE is a well-known household name, having organized one of Malaysia's most popular annual running events called SCORE Marathon for the last six years.

"Nobody saw the pandemic coming and it hit us like a train and mass participation sports were out of the question and will likely to remain so until a cure is found".

"We brainstormed hard and noticed of an emerging digital marketing trend from China," Patricia explains. "The Chinese have proven live stream shopping works as a marketing tool with great success, especially when there is a following".

SCORE has built a strong rapport and trust among fitness enthusiasts through their successful running events over the years. By leveraging on this, SCORE set up FitoMojo Live Stream Shopping to appeal to its established base with sports, health, wellness and fitness-related products that interest them.

The plan is to complement the live-streaming service with, an e-commerce platform that will be launched end June. The e-commerce platform will capture sales from and outside of the live-streaming sessions, creating a complementary sales channel to benefit participating brands further.

FitoMojo Live Stream Shopping offers free-of-charge to participating brands for featuring their products. "FitoMojo is a new income source for brands. We are keen to make our live-streaming service a win-win solution."

Encouraged by FitoMojo Live Stream Shopping's initial success, Patricia believes in developing the courage to pivot a business to address the new challenges brought by the pandemic. "Running a business is no different than running a marathon because both need mental strength. If you think hard enough, you can do anything - even pivoting your entire business model".

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