17 Places To Get Cold Brew Coffee In Singapore To Tackle The Heat

Iced coffee, on a hot day, can perform miracles ~

By Lifestyle Guide

October 6 2018

We all miss the cold 22-degree weather that January has blessed us with, but why not enjoy the local summer heat by sipping and appreciating cold brew coffee? Here are 17 cold brew coffee places you can turn to when you need that ice cold caffeine fix! 

Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar

Image Credit: Chye Seng Huat Hardware, @cshhcoffee (Instagram)

Rather than looking at it as an essential stop for those who are looking for a dapper 'OOTD' background to take pictures at, Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar is a place where all coffee-drinkers should have a taste of as well. This coffee joint serves the black cold brew that’s brewed fresh daily, and steeped for more than 12 hours overnight! 

Dapper Coffee

Image Credit: Dapper Coffee, @dappercoffee (Instagram)

This promises to entice you with the sweet aroma of coffee as you make your way to their cafe at Amoy Street. A plus for those who want to work as well as the Dapper Coffee has free Wi-Fi and power outlets available. Order up their signature Sparkly Drinks, especially their Gold Brew, which will dazzle those when they see the beverages shimmer on your timeline via the handy Boomerang clips! Also check out their Earl Grey Yuan Yang, a menu item that will definitely give your tastebuds a treat with it's unexpected combo. 

Curious Palette

Image Credit: Curious Palette, Facebook 

Like it's name suggests, White Magic by Curious Palette is a cold coffee brew that's light-bodied and full of flavour. Dessert lovers should also have a taste of their ricottas, as they have a variety of it available on the menu! Definitely a drink that will add that little spark to your steps as you enjoy it during a quiet moment in time. 

The Bravery Cafe

Image Credit: The Bravery Cafe, @_thebravery_ (Instagram)

For those who are a fan of cold brew coffee that has an acidic aftermath to it, this is the cold brew beverage for you - The Bravery Cafe's Cold Brew Black is one that provides just that, and this aromatic coffee blend is refreshing and light for a quick pick-me-up. They are also known for their signature Lavender Latte, so no harm giving that a try as well when you decide to stop by there!

Oriole Coffee + Bar

Image Credit: Oriole Coffee + Bar, @oriolecoffee (Instagram)

Oriole Coffee + Bar's Death Cream is a cold brew coffee beverage that's packed full of, you guessed it, delicious and heavenly cream that is sure to lift your spirits to seventh heaven when you taste it. This beverage is actually created with a recipe from the 1980s, and is one for those who can't stand the strong direct taste of coffee. Definitely an enjoyable beverage for coffee beginners out there!

Habitat Coffee

Image Credit: Habitat Coffee, Facebook 

Go for their newest addition to their cold brew menu, which is their Cold Matcha Coffee beverage. This marks to be the best of both worlds for both tea and coffee lovers as the drink bears close resemblance to a delightful matcha latte, without the coffee being drowned out of the picture. Other classic favorites from their customers are their Cold White Coffee and the Cold Brew Coffee. 

Made Cold

Image Credit: Made Cold

Created with the blend of two continents, Brazil and Sumatra, Made Cold promises that their cold brewed coffee beverage is rich, sweet and caramel that will wake you up and give you the energy you need to run for the day! This beverage is available for purchase online in the dozen or more. Perfect for those who have a coffeeholics meeting in mind!

1degreeC Cold Brew Coffee & Cold Tea

Image Credit: 1degreeC Cold Brew Coffee, Facebook

Alike to Made Cold, 1degreeC Cold Brew Coffee offers their take on cold brew coffee for puchase online as well. Coffee lovers can expect nutty flavors and a fragrant brew from their beverages. Their Black Cold Brew Coffee holds true to its words about it being smooth and light on the palate; those who need the extra caffeine to get things done can opt for their Strong Black Cold Brew Coffee instead!

Atlas Coffeehouse

Image Credit: Atlas Coffeehouse, Facebook

Save their aesthetic logo and amazing food menu, Atlas Coffeehouse is also known to provide one of the best tasting cold coffee brews on their drink menu. Get their customer's all-time favorite The Milky Way, that consists of a brew made with a house-blend of Brazilian and Guatemalan coffees. The end result is a refreshing cold coffee brew that's creamy and lightly sweetened. Recently they've also launched the Matcha Warrior, which they claim it'd 'fan its impact' to those who buy it. 

Old Hen Coffee Bar

Image Credit: Old Hen Coffee Bar, Facebook

Known as one of the first few cafes in Singapore to serve cold brew coffee, Old Hen Coffee Bar rotates the beans they use for their coffees on a regular basis. Visitors can expect their White Cold Brew to be smooth, creamy and a little sweet and for their Black Cold Brew to be perfectly balanced. 


Image Credit: 63Espresso, Facebook

No one's messes around at 63Espresso as the team takes the craft of creating such a beverage very seriously. They aim to provide the best coffee experience to their customers, and you can definitely get that guarantee when you have a shot at their available bottled Cold Brew coffee. Aside from that, they are also the first shop to create and develop unique coffees such as the Chilli Mocha and Chilli Chocolate!

The Assembly Ground

Image Credit: The Assembly Ground, Facebook

Have a try at The Assembly Ground's line up of cold brew beverages which includes the Cold Brew Black Coffee, Cold Brew White Coffee and lastly their Matcha Cold Brew! Expect some inkling of black grapes and chocolate from their Cold Brew Black while you enjoy the laidback setup that The Assembly Ground has in store.

All In... Cafe

Image Credit: All In... Cafe, Facebook

All In.. Cafe has a total of four options for their cold brew menu. You'd find yourself enjoying the smooth taste of the beverages, and charmed by their whiskey-like bottle packaging. Chilling goes up another level when you reach All In... Cafe at Bali Lane. Equipped with minimal furnishing, visitors can expect themselves to just stay seated in a chair with a cold brew beverage and relax as they watch the world go by. Aside from the usual coffee line-up, there's also unique flavors such as Root Beer Cold Brew and Ice Cream Soda Cold Brew up for sale at their cafe. 

Stamping Ground Coffee

Image Credit: Standing Ground, Facebook

This is the place to go if you wanted to have a coffee stop just right before your flight at Changi Airport; not because it's necessarily near the departure hall, but they offer their cold brew goodness in travel size! Standing Ground Coffee's cold brew allows you to customise it according to your preferred medium of choice as well: there's whole milk, skinny milk, soy milk, almond milk and surprisingly, fresh coconut water.  

d'Good Café

Image Credit: d'Good Café, Facebook

Just order the D'Unknown and have fun trying to make your best guess at what flavor's mixed in with the Hokkaido milk that's added into the cold brew coffee! Aside from that, you can also enjoy the pleasant view and surroundings that d'Good café offers at their Holland Village outlet. 

Maison Ikkoku

Image Credit:  Maison Ikkoku, Facebook

Maison Ikkoku gives a fancy twist to the local cold cofffee brew scene - carbonated water is integrated and customers are able to adjust the beverage to their palate once they taste the given cold coffee brew on its on first. 

The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

Image Credit: The Populus Coffee & Food Co, Facebook

The Populus Coffee & Food Co. definitely holds a cold brew coffee beverage that appeals to beginners. Known to have a smooth texture, this cold brew has a mild sweet taste and goes easy on the taste buds.