An Overview On Personal Branding

Because what others see might be the key to your success

By Lifestyle Guide

October 5 2018

Personal branding is known as the act of using your career and personality to market yourself as a positive brand in the eyes of others. If you are in need of reminders of what should be taken note of while you are building or maintaining your personl branding, here are a few tips that you can consider in the near future.

1. Strong Personal Brands Can Boost Your Perceived Image By Others

Always take note that when you are building up your personal brand, it is important for you to be specific and clear about your own goals and objectives. Be concise and absolute about them, especially if you are talking and presenting them to an interested party in a social event or situation. Make the utmost effort to present the best version of yourself when possible, and make use of different modes of marketing to highlight your positive skills and personality attributes. Examples are designing and writing your social media profile accordingly to the brand that you want to portray, setting up a portfolio website etcetera.

2. Better Your Personal Brand By Being Empathetic

When you are trying to connect and reach out to your desired target audience, make sure that whatever you are selling (or presenting) is relatable to them. Studies have shown that 75% of buying decisions are normally influenced by emotions. This might seem irrelevant, but consider that if you want to be seen as a brand that is approachable by your targeted audience, a product that you want your target audience to buy, you must be seen as trusthworthy. Put aside time to understand the human psyche, and you can bring your personal brand to the next level by considering how well do you connect to your audience.

3. Communication Can Enhance Your Personal Brand

Given that 56% of the communication process is carried out by body language, pay attention to how your own body language if you want to improve your personal brand further under the eyes of others. Take heed to how you execute your handshakes, and make the needed changes to improve it. Make time to practice and rehearse your speaking and presentation skills, like public speaking for example. Always reflect on your own presentations once you are done, and see how you can get better from there.

4. Patience is The Key to a Successful Personal Brand

If you've just made your virgin forage to the world of personal branding, you must invest and familiar yourself with existin web tools and statistics capture websites that can help with monitoring your personal brand online. Having these tools allows you to figure out what media is working for your personal brand and what's not. Never grow slack in responding to online queries posted by your audience as responsiveness is what draws people in to keep updated with your personal brand. Another point to consider is to have patience. Sometimes the best come to those who wait - don't panic when you realise that your personal brand's reach online is still not up to your expectations yet. Everything needs time to grow.

5. Make Use Of Engaging Content to Grow Your Personal Brand

Perhaps the reason why your audience reach is lacklustre compared to others is due to the kind of content that you are putting out. Hook audiences in into being exposed to your personal brand by writing and creating good content. It can be in the form of eye-catching graphics or well-written articles that provides some food-for-thought for those who read them. Try to get your content published, or recognised by established online or traditional platforms.

6. Keep Your Social Media Pages Timely and Updated

Never leave your social media pages for dead.  Sometimes following your social media pages and keeping track of the news and content that's popular on there can give birth to new ideas that you can use to revamp, or improve your existing personal brand. For more effective time and social media management, invest in scheduling tools that allows you to post and schedule content simultaneously across multiple platforms. Example of that would be Hootsuite.