Vera Soh

Vera loves the mornings, wine, al fresco dining, great live music, sunshine, hard cover books, shoestring fries and checking things off her to-do list. A yoga teacher by profession and an economist by training, she believes in exercising both sides of our brains and balancing both sides of the body. Follow on Instagram @vswellness

Improving Your Life through Meditation

January 4 2018 | By Vera Soh

Meditation clears your mind – the endless thoughts in our head are like pebbles, while our mind is like the water in a lake

Your Brain and the Benefits of Meditation

January 15 2018 | By Vera Soh

Mindfulness meditation is like yoga for the mind – it detoxifies, strengthens and at the same time improves flexibility, and we can reap these benefits by keeping up with a regular practice, sustained over a period of time.

A Taste Of Authentic Japanese Cuisine At Shima Restaurant- Singapore's Oldest Japanese Restaurant

February 5 2018 | By Vera Soh

Charm your senses and pamper your souls at Shima

5 Stages Of Behavorial Change When We Try to Stick With Exercise And Healthy Diet

March 2 2018 | By Vera Soh

It's all in you to make the change that you want

Adulting – Should You Move Out?

February 11 2019 | By Vera Soh

When you get out of your parents’ place, you’ll realise how much you can really, truly afford.