Kanksha Chawla

Kanksha loves to find metaphors in mundane things. Her procrastination and perfectionism is a deadly combination, which is to say, she loves her articles, which is to say, you will too.

Comprehensive Guide to Coworking Spaces In Singapore

May 15 2018 | By Kanksha Chawla

Why work from home when you can meet and collaborate with all sorts of people in the comfiest places?

What You Can Do With Comics, Humanities And Medicine [Interview with Professor Graham Matthews]

May 24 2018 | By Kanksha Chawla

"Art shouldn't exist in some rarefied space behind closed doors; it should speak to as wide an audience as possible"

Topaz Winters: On Music, Tech And Writing

May 31 2018 | By Kanksha Chawla

We sat down for a coffee to talk about how to break free and be a happy artist.

The Story Behind Chunky Lobsters - The Affordable Lobster Roll in Singapore

June 20 2018 | By Kanksha Chawla

An interview with the co-founder, Leonard, gave us a peek into the start-up offering affordable lobster rolls

11 Interesting Workshops in Singapore To Relax On Weekends

June 21 2018 | By Kanksha Chawla

Break the cycle. Feel Good. Create.

From an Investment Bank to a Writing Desk: An Interview With Jon Gresham

June 22 2018 | By Kanksha Chawla

"We should try not to be gatekeepers, but encourage diversity."

Exclusive: Get To Know Spoken Word Poets Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye Before Their Shows In Singapore!

July 4 2018 | By Kanksha Chawla

Here's something to get you warmed up - for all the laughter and tears, smiles and sighs, that are to follow.

Poetry in Singapore - Perspectives from Samuel Caleb Wee

November 5 2018 | By Kanksha Chawla

“The challenge is to find voices that you trust, voices that you respect, to give you feedback." ~ Samuel

An Honest Conversation with Singapore's First Youth Poet Ambassador Pooja Nansi

January 28 2019 | By Kanksha Chawla

When you watch someone speaking to their truth and it lands on you - that moment can be a very powerful transformation.