Raebekah Soh

Raebekah is a musician and writer. Creating content to inspire, she loves travelling to gather new insights and muses to share with the people around her.

8 Things You Can Discover at Jewel Changi Airport

August 26 2019 | By Raebekah Soh

From watching the light show at the Rain Vortex to bouncing about on the Canopy Walk to simply just sitting at cafes, it doesn’t matter who you are, Jewel has something to offer for everyone.

Voilah! French-Singapore Festival 2019 Returns This October

October 2 2019 | By Raebekah Soh

~ Bread, Cheese, Wine, and Romance

The Essence of France in Motion Pictures: The French Film Festival 2019

November 3 2019 | By Raebekah Soh

Everyone loves a good film and who would say no to a film festival with a splendid line-up of diverse films?

December Hijinks - Museum Hopping in Singapore

December 3 2019 | By Raebekah Soh

Real museums are places where time is transformed into space ~ Orhan Pamuk